New & Related Services Division – Instructional Materials Section

About Us
The Association for Instructional Materials (AIM) is a section of the New and Related Services Division of ACTE. The focus of this section is creating, identifying and recognizing high-quality instructional materials for a variety of CTE subject areas.

Our members are instructional designers, media developers, assessment specialists and others working in curriculum development, instructional materials delivery and resources. Membership is only $10 per calendar year. Join now!

Meetings and Awards
We meet annually at the ACTE national meeting and present our product awards recognition at our business meeting. We also annually identify an outstanding member in our section. Our awards program is open to any member of AIM. Product awards are selected annually through a juried process. Points are awarded for various elements, and products are individually scored on the rating scale, not against other products. We identify two levels of recognition, Award of Excellence and Award of Merit.

Social Media
AIM has a Facebook page! We can be found at and would love to have more followers!

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