Nominating Committee

Are you interested in serving on the ACTE Nominating Committee? You can read more about the responsibilities of serving on this committee in the Nominating Committee Member Position Description. Contact the staff liaison for more information!

Nominating Committee Representatives

Date appointed: July 2017

CHAIR: Gina Riggs
STAFF LIAISON: Lauren Lessels
MEMBERS: One representative from each Region and Division


1.1 To nominate the best qualified member for each elective position of leadership of the Association.


2.1 This committee is appointed under procedures adopted pursuant with Article 8.4 of the Bylaws.


3.1 This committee is composed of one representative from each Division and Region and one chairperson.

3.2 The term of office is two years, and each term shall commence on July 1.

3.3 The committee chair is appointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors and is the outgoing past president.

3.4 The Division and Region vice presidents appoint their committee representatives.

3.5 There are no special eligibility requirements to serve on this committee. It is recommended that members are familiar with ACTE’s organizational structure.

3.6 No member of the committee shall be a candidate for election.


The committee is responsible for the implementation of the nomination and election process for the governance year. The committee is to abide by the bylaws and approved Policy and Procedures Manual in fulfilling its objectives.

The committee is to present at least two candidates for President-elect and ensure all Region and Division Vice President candidates meet the required criteria. The entire slate is to be presented to the Assembly of Delegates at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION.


Position Name
Chair Gina Riggs
Region I Nicole Lord
Region II Beyonka Wider
Region III Brandon Russell
Region IV Tracy Beard
Region V Dodie Bemis
Administration Kim Gambill
Agricultural Education Vacant
Business Education Stacie Slusher
Family and Consumer Sciences Division Katy Blatnick-Gagne
Engineering and Technology Education John (J.R.) Drummond
Guidance and Career Development Debbie Waken
Health Science Education Holly Strand-Rysgaard
Marketing Education Lacee Manus
New and Related Services Brenda Conell
Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education John Noel
Trade and Industrial Education Laura Smith
Board Liaison Becky Cox
Staff Liaison Lauren Lessels