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I consider myself blessed indeed to have been assigned to my mentor, Dr. Beyonka Wider! Our first conversation was like talking to a long-lost friend,

Creating Real Connection: A Foundation for Strong Mentorship

If you were to ask anyone about how building a strong mentorship works, it would be to focus on building a strong connection. In meeting with Martin

My 1st California (CACTE) Career Technical Education Board Meeting

Participation in the ACTE Fellowship Program motivated me to take an active role in my state ACTE chapter as Legislative Chair. I am honored to serve my

Federal Legislator Interview

During National Policy Seminar (March 20-23, 2022), Virginia’s Congressional members were very hard to schedule time with. We were able to schedule a

Quick Connection

I met Christi Hack, my ACTE Fellow Mentor, on a zoom meeting on February 2, 2022 and we immediately made a connection!  We are both Agriculture teachers

Growing Leaders in ACTE

After National Policy Seminar (NPS) an idea has continued to resonate with me– and that is this, how does one grow a leader? As an educator myself, in

Using My Teacher Voice

Entering my first day in the classroom I remember giving student instructions. At first it appeared students were not listening, and then I realized my

Personal Accountability-The Way Out of the Blame Game

Are you feeling frustrated, tired of others making mistakes that make your life more difficult, wishing away the day due to all the incompetent people

Mock It Til You Rock It! How Mock Interviews Can Benefit Students

For the past three years, the Las Cruces Public School district has worked with the New Mexico Workforce Connections office to host a mock interview event

ACTE Fellowship Mentor Interview

It was befitting that the opportunity arose to interview Ms. Jayme Fitzpatrick prior to attending the upcoming National Policy Seminar in March. Ms.

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