Tech Prep Section

Tech Prep Section Overview

The ACTE Tech Prep section represents educators who serve students in Tech Prep programming throughout the country. Although the formal Tech Prep program within Perkins no longer exists at the federal level, some members’ institutions still have Tech Prep programs in their institutions or as a part of their duties.

The Tech Prep section provides its members with equal representation for the leadership and advocacy for career and technical education. By joining the Tech Prep section, you will be connected with fellow members and professional development experiences throughout the year.

About Tech Prep

Tech Prep education was a significant innovation in the education reform movement in the United States. Tech Prep was given major emphasis in the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act of 1990 and was amended in the School to Work Opportunities Act of 1994.

Tech Prep education is a 4+2, 3+2 or a 2+2 planned sequence of study in a technical field beginning as early as the ninth year of school. The sequence extends through two years of postsecondary occupational education or an apprenticeship program of at least two years following secondary instruction, and culminates in an associate degree or certificate.

Tech Prep is an important school-to-work transition strategy, helping all students make the connection between school and employment. Source: U.S. Department of Education


The Tech Prep section is reimagining itself by connecting with members to learn about the successes and challenges of Tech Prep programming in their local school district. Get involved by contacting Michael P. Moriarty, Tech Prep Section Lead, at