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myOptions Encourage-ACTE Student Questionnaires

ACTE has partnered for a 17th year with myOptions® Encourage™ on a student postsecondary planning questionnaire that provides ACTE with important data about CTE student and educator experiences and provides students with free postsecondary planning tools.

By filling out the ACTE-myOptions® Encourage™ student postsecondary planning questionnaire, participating students gain access to a free online planning profile and are matched with postsecondary education options as well as educational and career service providers offering products and services such as college admissions services, financial aid, career information, and co-curricular and recognition programs. Watch this video to see a demonstration of the myOptions® Encourage™ free postsecondary planning tools.

CTE instructors have two options to participate:

  • If you want access to a personalized report about how your students responded to the questionnaire and how your school’s results compare to other participating schools nationwide, please have your students complete the paper questionnaires you receive in the mail or email Melanie Goodson for an electronic version customized to your school.
  • If you want to provide this opportunity to your students, but do not need access to the personalized report about your students, please have them complete this online questionnaire. It will not be linked to your classroom, so you will not receive access to your students’ data.

In addition, myOptions® Encourage™ has created an accompanying lesson plan with interactive activities that help students reflect on how their future career goals might include education beyond high school.

Participation in this program is free and voluntary. If you have questions, please email with the subject “ACTE Survey Package Request.” To learn more about the purpose, benefits and privacy protections of the myOptions Encourage program, please check out the frequently asked questions.