Business Education Division

Sean Crevier

ACTE Business Education Division Vice President

Business teacher, instructional technology coach

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The Business Education Division of ACTE®

is a diverse, broad-based group dedicated to educating today’s students for tomorrow’s business community.

The skills taught in business education programs include:



information systems/technology

financial procedures



international business

principles of management and law

interpersonal and leadership skills

career development

Members include educators from:

middle schools

junior high schools

secondary schools

adult education

community and technical schools

two-year colleges

four-year baccalaureate degree programs

business teacher education programs

graduate degree programs

other related institutions and organizations

Career Clusters

Those who hold the following positions should become involved: business education teachers, marketing education teachers, applied academic teachers, administrators, school-to-careers coordinators, business leaders, local and state supervisors, teacher educators, students in vocational/business education teacher prep programs.

The ACTE Business Education Division is aligned with the following career clusters:

Business, Management and Administration


Government and Public Administration

Hospitality and Tourism

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety and Security

Marketing, Sales and Service

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