A Salute to Dr. Norm Gysbers

In Celebration of Significant Contributions to Career and Technical Education

Over the summer of 2015, Dr. Norm Gysbers retired from the University of Missouri following 52 years of scholarship and leadership in our profession. Dr. Gysbers earned his bachelor’s degree from Hope College (1954), and his master’s degree (1959) and Ph.D. from University of Michigan (1963). He joined the University of Missouri faculty in 1963. Norm served as director of guidance for the University Lab School (1963-71). He was honored as a Distinguished Curators Professor in 2008. Prior to his distinguished career in guidance and career development, Norm taught fourth grade and middle school science. He also served his country as a Specialist Second Class with the U.S. Army Artillery during the Cold War in Germany.

Dr. Gysbers is recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the foremost scholars of our time in school counseling and career counseling/development. He has published numerous articles on both practice and research throughout his career, and has authored many books and publications.

Of the countless contributions Norm has made to our profession, the one that perhaps stands out most is how his work influenced the development of the National Model for School Counseling Programs. Dr. Gysbers comprehensive guidance approach was later adopted by the State of Missouri, and subsequently spread to other states and countries, becoming the foundation of the national Model. Norm served as the editor of the Career Development Quarterly, the Journal of Career Development, and along with Drs. Mary Heppner and Joe Johnston, wrote what has become one of the most authoritative textbooks on career counseling, Career Counseling: Processes, Issues and Techniques.  The book is currently in its 4th edition and has been translated into numerous foreign languages.

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First Newsletter: Read the first Newsletter from the Vocational Guidance Section of the New and Related Services Division, American Vocational Association, 1967, submitted by Norm Gysbers.

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