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ACTE Staff

ACTE’s staff is dedicated to providing high quality products, publications, information and service. Please contact any staff member with any questions or comments you may have at 800-826-9972.

LeAnn Wilson
Executive Director
ext. 347

Steve DeWitt
Deputy Executive Director
ext. 311

Michael Connet
Associate Deputy Executive Director – Outreach & Partnerships
ext. 341

Jaime M. Alston
Senior Director, Conferences,
Meetings and Events
ext. 338

Dr. Sophia Alston
Postsecondary CTE Manager
ext. 302

Julia Bankerd
Director, Operations
ext. 351

Dahlia Batres
Member Services Coordinator
ext. 318

Gus Bedoya
Facilities Maintenance/
Mailroom Clerk
ext. 309

Monica Bowler
Member Services Associate
ext. 315

Laine Culbreath
Chief Financial Officer
ext. 328

Zach Curtis
Manager of Government Relations
ext. 316

Kelli Diemer
Membership Director
ext. 398

Laura DiNardo
Senior Manager
of Strategic Partnerships
ext. 312

Lauren Fillebrown
Senior Manager of Leadership Development
ext. 320

Tabetha Fletcher
Accounting Manager
ext. 307

Dominique Frascoia
Senior Manager of Leadership Programs
ext. 321

Fayola Girard
Staff Accountant
ext. 326

Brandi Handres
Digital Content Manager
ext. 349

Cece Hohman
Research and Policy Associate
ext. 327

Jori Houck
Media Relations and Advocacy Associate
ext. 303

Alisha Hyslop
Senior Director, Public Policy
ext. 331

Catherine Imperatore
Research Director
ext. 324

Dana Lampe
Executive Assistant
ext. 305

Amir Latimer
Member Services Associate
ext. 317

Lia Milgram
Managing Editor
ext. 339

Julia Kendrick (O’Brien)
Senior Director, Communications
ext. 377

Glenda Paxton
Senior Director, Strategic Events
ext. 353

Stephanie Staton
Editor and Graphic Designer
ext. 314

Katja Swann
Customer Service Associate
ext. 300

Jim Waterhouse
Sales and Exhibits Manager
ext. 332

Ashley Weaver
Senior Graphic Designer
ext. 346

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