Policy & Advocacy Publications

Policy, Advocacy and Research Publications

ACTE has produced a number of resources for CTE professionals to use in local, state and federal advocacy efforts and public outreach for CTE, as well as publications that synthesize state and national policies and relevant CTE research.

  • Fact Sheets: Quick facts and research points about CTE.
  • State Fact Sheets: These printable one-page documents provide basics on your state’s CTE program, including delivery, funding, enrollment, performance statistics and profiles of exemplary programs.
  • Career Readiness Series: This series of publications outlines what it means to be career ready and explores how elements of the CTE system can contribute to students’ overall career readiness.
  • Sector Sheets (sponsored by Pearson): Sector Sheets describe CTE’s role in growing the qualified workforce for high-growth, high-demand industries such as advanced manufacturing and healthcare.
  • Issue Briefs and Issue Sheets: These publications highlight the role of CTE in a broader issue of national interest, such as urban education, STEM, literacy and secondary-postsecondary transitions. Issue Sheets are short summaries of ACTE’s Issue Briefs.

Additional Publications