ACTE Impact Awards

The ACTE Impact Awards recognize groups and individuals from the education, business and industry communities who enhance career and technical education (CTE) by contributing to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of CTE. Individuals or entities (from within or outside the field) that have contributed to the success of CTE, thereby positively impacting the image of CTE, are eligible recipients of these awards. While there is no membership eligibility restriction for applicants, individuals and organizations must be nominated by an ACTE member. Non-winning candidates may be re-nominated for the same or another Excellence Award the following year. Winning candidates at the national level may not be nominated for the same or another national ACTE Excellence Award within three years of their win.

Please feel free to review a blank application for the Business-Education Partnership Award and the Champion for CTE Award but be sure to apply via the awards portal here.

Business-Education Partnership Award Winner

ACE Electric, Inc

Business-Education Partnership Award Winner

Don Wood Foundation

Champion for CTE

Jerry Farley

There are two new Impact Awards presented nationally:

The Business-Education Partnership Award

ACTE’s Business-Education Partnership Awards were created for business and education leaders who understand that economic livelihood is linked to the success of career and technical education (CTE) programs. Businesses and CTE programs across the country have already created successful partnerships that support student achievement, economic and community development, quality of life and more. ACTE is dedicated to supporting and recognizing best practices in CTE business-education partnerships. For more information, click here.

ACTE Champion for CTE Award

ACTE’s Champion for CTE Awards were created to recognize education leaders, business and industry executives, celebrities and thought leaders who support and champion CTE programs as a vital part of developing a prepared, adaptable and competitive workforce. The words and actions of a few dedicated and influential individuals have the power to further best practices, foster supportive policies, and shape a more positive public opinion of CTE. These awards showcase outstanding champions-from local leaders to national figureheads-who have leveraged their influence to expand, improve, and promote CTE. For more information, click here.


Evaluation Criteria All nominees are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Significant accomplishments related to CTE that have contributed to the improvement, promotion, development and progress of CTE.
  • Actions that have enhanced the growth and quality of CTE.

(Note: considerations for the above can extend to sponsored programs, publications, financial support, and other activities.)

For more information on how applications are scored, please see the ACTE Impact Awards Scoring Rubric. For more information on awards committee procedures, please review the national committee’s Guiding Principles.

Application Process

All nominations must be submitted on the ACTE Awards Portal by June 30. The application requirements can be downloaded here (note: this is not an application form; applications must be submitted electronically via the Awards Portal). Please be sure to check out our tip sheet for nominators: Writing a Strong Nomination. Nominees are reviewed at the national level only; winners are selected by the ACTE Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors in July. Awards are presented at the ACTE Awards Banquet during CareerTech VISION.

Exemplary Partner Applicants

ACTE Impact Awards a record breaking year of applicants for both the ACTE Business-Education Partnership Award & the ACTE Champion for CTE Award. The decision to recognize one business in each award category is challenging with so many commendable business industry partners. ACTE has selected exemplary applicants to recognize entities that have contributed to the success and promotion of CTE, thereby positively impacting the image of CTE.

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