National Affiliate Organization Membership

For nearly a century, the Association for Career and Technical Education® has provided its individual members with the tools and resources they need to be successful educators. With the establishment of the ACTE National Affiliate Organization membership program, not-for-profit organizations that have a professional interest in activities that foster the improvement and expansion of career and technical education now have the opportunity to be actively involved with ACTE and its mission to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce.

Becoming an ACTE member signifies a commitment to the career and technical education field, as well as support for ACTE. All National Affiliate Organization members receive access to complimentary meeting space at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION and National Policy Seminar, as well as at ACTE Headquarters, provided that meeting space is available. As an ACTE member, you also have access to, and public recognition in ACTE’s publications and website. Annual dues are $500. Join Now and see who else has joined!


Whom Do We Represent?

The strength of ACTE is reflected in its diverse membership, composed of thousands of career and technical educators, administrators, researchers, guidance counselors and others from a range of fields, including construction, finance and health care. Each of our members is involved in planning and conducting career and technical education programs at the secondary, postsecondary or adult levels.

ACTE’s Efforts for the CTE Industry

ACTE works daily to ensure that CTE educators receive the policy support and funding they need to offer high-quality programs. The work of ACTE helps support the broad range of CTE programs across the country that are helping to deliver high-quality education that will result in a prepared, well-educated and adaptable workforce—a workforce that will continue to enhance and increase the economic viability of our nation.

Communication With Federal Policymakers

ACTE’s Public Policy Department works with Congressional leaders to secure federal funding for CTE by developing official requests, scheduling meetings and providing information to Appropriations Committee members. Despite recent threats to eliminate Perkins funding completely, ACTE’s advocacy work has led the way toward a consistent federal investment.

  • Staff track federal action on a wide variety of legislation impacting CTE, including the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, Workforce Investment Act, No Child Left Behind Act and Higher Education Act. ACTE solicits input from members, develops positions and shares those with policymakers through a number of avenues, including letters, phone calls, visits, Capitol Hill forums and coalition activities.
  • At each National Policy Seminar, ACTE encourages and guides its members about speaking to their representatives on Capitol Hill to express their unique needs.

Communication With Other Leaders in Education

ACTE has relationships with the Council of Chief State School Officers, the National Governors AssociationAlliance for Excellence in EducationNational Association for State School Boards, the Gates Foundation and others to communicate the need for CTE and successes that CTE has provided for students.

ACTE can only continue its advocacy work with the support of the entire CTE community. Affiliate membership represents one way you can offer your support.

What Information Does Your Organization Need?

Expert information about current workforce trends and government initiatives is vitally important to all organizations. Expert representatives from ACTE and its partners are available to speak at your events to help keep your members and stakeholders informed and up to date.

What Will Affiliate Membership Say About Your Organization?

Affiliate membership signifies the higher commitment your organization has to the improvement and expansion of CTE. Affiliate members are targeted for press opportunities and other promotional events. You will receive recognition through ACTE’s publications, website and at CareerTech VISION and the National Policy Seminar.

Why Should You Support ACTE as an Affiliate Member?

ACTE acts for the entire CTE community on a federal level. It is your membership that unifies our message to make the industry stronger as a whole. Plus, we provide you with the most current resources and information regarding CTE trends and initiatives that may impact your organization and its constituents.

Affiliate member voices are key in shaping the steps ACTE takes to represent the industry. Without your encouragement, ACTE would be unable to provide business leaders and legislators the information they need to support CTE programs.

How Will Affiliate Membership Benefit Your Organization?

The core of your organization is directly affected by the progress of the CTE industry. It is important that the communication ACTE has with business leaders and government officials reflects your interests and needs to create further opportunities for the entire CTE community. It is the support of organizations like yours that strengthens ACTE’s voice and helps ACTE achieve its mission of providing leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce.

What Influence Do You Want to Have on the CTE Industry?

ACTE represents the CTE industry at the federal level, which helps further develop and protect programs and funding initiatives. By participating in ACTE, you ensure that legislators and business leaders understand CTE is the path for a brighter future for today’s students and our nation.

How Are You Developing Your Leaders?

Strong leadership is important for organizations to communicate their needs and grow successfully. ACTE offers professional-development options for your current and future leaders to help them develop the skills to act at opportune moments. Leadership strands are offered at CareerTech VISION and as part of its Regional conferences. Special Convention sessions and briefings are provided on key topics and breaking news that will help your organization remain up to date and well-informed. Meeting space at ACTE Headquarters and during the Association’s events is offered only to our affiliate members to help them have the discussions, training and meetings necessary to further their goals and objectives.

To take advantage of this unique membership opportunity, complete the application form:

You can either e-mail them to, fax to 703-683-7424 or mail to: P.O. Box 758621 Baltimore, MD, 21275-8621.  If you have any questions regarding the benefits or how to join please contact us at 800-826-9972.

ACTE dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes but may be deductible as a business expense.

It is the support of organizations like yours that strengthens ACTE’s voice and helps ACTE achieve its mission to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce.