Special Populations Section

Members of the Special Populations Section are professionals working with individuals who have special learning needs. These include youth and adults who face challenges such as: academic and/or economic disadvantages/disabilities; limited English proficiency; current or past incarceration; long-term unemployment or underemployment; teenage pregnancy and parenthood; lack of education (dropouts or dropout risks); and non-traditional students.

Career and technical special populations personnel provide the training, services and/or extra resources essential for these individuals to have equal access to education and training for successful participation in a competitive workforce.

The Special Populations Section strives to develop professional attitudes and standards; offer services that will provide, maintain, extend and expand quality vocational-technical programs and services; act as a clearing house for the dissemination of new ideas and research; promote professional relationships with other agencies, organizations and institutions concerned with learners with special needs.

Join your colleagues – join the Special Populations Section today and benefit from the professional development opportunities you will be afforded. You can count on receiving an outstanding return on your investment.

President: Emily Sherwood

Teaching Tips for New Special Populations Educators

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