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2016 Board of Directors Candidates


Your Voice Your Vote 2016

ACTE Board of Directors 2016 Elections

From November 20, 2015, to 11:59 p.m. ET December 20, 2015, members of ACTE will elect officers for the following Board of Directors positions:

All ACTE individual professional, retired, educational institution members and national affiliate organizations whose membership dues are received at ACTE headquarters by October 20, 2015, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for the nominees, and exercise your right to vote for ACTE’s future leadership. This information is also posted online on the ACTE website. Please note that the nominees featured on the following pages and online are not official candidates. Candidates will be officially selected at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2015. 

The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member e-mail addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the Board of Directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via e-mail that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on November 21, please contact ACTE’s Leadership Department at 800-826-9972, ext. 315. Electronic ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. ET December 20, 2015. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE’s website and announced in Techniques magazine. 

In order to facilitate a smooth election process, please be sure to:

  • Verify your e-mail address with ACTE. If ACTE does not have your e-mail address, it is imperative that you update your member profile immediately. You can do this on the ACTE website by going to www.acteonline.org, logging-in (Access: ACTE ID# and last name or updated password), and clicking on “Update Your Profile,” or by e-mailing acte@acteonline.org. 
  • Make sure you/your IT Dept. put Survey and Ballot Systems on your e-mail’s “white list” so that your voting information can be received/not marked as spam. The e-mail will be sent to you from noreply@directvote.net. 
  • Remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of ACTE as of October 20, 2015. Members are only allowed to vote in elections for their region and any divisions of which they are a member. 


ACTE President-Elect


Chuck GallagherChuck Gallagher Headshot  


Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters


Division: Trade & Industrial Education


Employment History:Construction Instructor, Pima Community College (2014-present); Construction and Drafting Instructor, Santa Rita High School (2000-2015); Construction and Drafting Instructor, Sahuarita High School (1993-2000); Graphic Arts, Photography Instructor, Chinle High School (August 1988-1993); Construction and Drafting Instructor, Many Farms High School (1985-1988) 

Education: Northern Arizona University, MS, Vocational Education (1990); State University Collage at Buffalo, BS, Industrial Arts (1985)

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Region: Region V: Vice President (2012-2015), Policy Committee (2010-2012, 2006-2008); Fellows Coordinator (2009-2011), Membership Committee (2004-2005) ACTE National—Other Activities: State Task Force Chair (2014); Region Task Force Chair (2013); Resolutions Committee (2011-2014) State/Local: Arizona ACTE: Past President (2010); President (2009); President-Elect (2008); Arizona Senior Fellow (2006-2007); Arizona Sophomore Fellow (2005-2006); Arizona Freshman Fellow (2004-2005); SkillsUSA/VICA Advisor (1987-present)

Platform Statement: My primary goal as president will be to increase membership; to get the regions, divisions and states to work together; and to bring ACTE into the 21st century. All these efforts will help increase our membership. As a teacher, I know change is scary and many people don’t like it. I know how important change is, and I am willing to push for it. We need to have division representation at the regional conferences, which will bring a much-needed link between states, regions and divisions. I believe this link will increase attendance at state, regional and national conferences. Linking the regional conferences with divisions will enable us to work together. ACTE needs to aggressively use technology and bring professional development sessions to our members. With the reductions in funds and travel, we need to utilize 21st- century technology. I believe we need to bring the conferences to our members, not just ask them to come to us. The techniques available via websites and social media links need to be used more effectively. As a teacher, past CTE director, state president and region vice president, I understand the different levels of ACTE and the needs at each of these levels. I know the importance of listening and communicating. I will keep your needs in mind as the policies and decisions are made. As your president, I will advocate for all CTE members and try to bring ACTE into the 21st century.


Gary B. HutchinsonGary Hutchinson Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: III 

Division: Business Education Division

Occupation: Retired Business Education Instructor/CTE Department Chair 

Employment History:CTE Department Chair, Hinsdale South High School (1999-2014); Business Education Department Chair, Waubonsie Valley High School (1991-1999); Instructional Aide, Maine West High School (1989-1990); Business Education Instructor, Maine Township High Schools–East & South (1990-1991); Business Education Instructor/Head Wrestling Coach, Niles West High School (1988-1989); Business Education Instructor/Asst. Dean, Maine West High School (1979-1988)

Education: Northern Illinois University, Ed.D., Educational Administration; Northern Illinois University, M.Ed., Business Education; Illinois State University, BS, Business Education

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: Business Education Division Vice-President (2013-present) ACTE Region: Region III Awards Chair (2012-2013) ACTE National—Other Activities: Awards Committee Region III Representative (2011-2013); Resolutions Committee Business Education Division Representative (2010-2012) State/Local: Illinois ACTE: President (two terms, 2009-2010), Awards Chair (2011-2012); Illinois Business Education Association: Board of Directors (2004-2005), Membership Chair (2007-2011), President (2005-2006), Member-at-Large (2001-2003), Professional Development Task Force Chair; Chicago Area Business Education Association Honorary Board Member; National Business Education Association: Legislative Committee (2010-12); National Conference Audio Visual Coordinator (2009 and 2015); Member-at-Large Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education (2008-2011, 2013-present); Chair of Policy Statement #85: This We Believe About Virtual Learning Environments

Platform Statement: My platform is very similar to what I stated when I ran for Business Education vice president-elect. As president-elect of ACTE, I would like to see an increased focus on collaboration among CTE programs at all levels (high school, collegiate, local, region, state, national), with all divisions/regions that make up CTE, and with the four core areas of education. This would include the further development of state/national standards for business education, and then an alignment with CTE, math, English, science, social sciences and even the fine arts. I strongly believe that CTE prepares students for college, careers and life, and one way to accomplish this efficiently is to have a collaborative effort. CTE needs to be considered a core area in education.

Gina RiggsGina Riggs Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: Health Science Education

Occupation: EMS Director 

Employment History: Kiamichi Technology Center (1990-present); Part-time EMS Director, Choctaw Nation Specialty Transport (1993-2010); Critical Care Paramedic, Cherokee Nation EMS (1985-1992); Paramedic and Training Coordinator, Indian Capital Technology Center (1985-1995); Part-time EMS Instructor, Kenner Fire Department (1979-1984); Firefighter and Fire Captain

EducationNew Orleans University Connors State College, AS, Science; University of Central Oklahoma, BS, Health Care Education; Wilmington University, MS, CTE; Elaine P. Nunez Vo-tech School, EMT and EMT Intermediate Certifications; Indian Capital Vo-tech School, Paramedic Certification; University of Maryland, Critical Care Paramedic Certification

ACTE Involvement — ACTE Division: Oklahoma Health Occupations Education: Health Science Vice President, President-Elect, President; Member-at-Large for EMS for Health Occupations Education; Awards Chair (four years), Health Occupations Education Conference and New Teacher Orientation Presenter; Starter and Organizer, KTC District HOSA competitions; KTC District Small Learning Community Chair for Health Science Education teachers; OkACTE (2005-present): President-Elect, President, and Past President for the state association, Leadership Seminar Presenter, Awards Interviews and Judging Assistant; Oklahoma Career Tech Department Accreditation Advisory Committee (2015-present) ACTE Region: Region IV: Policy Committee (2008-2011), State and Region Conference Presenter (Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina) ACTE National—Other Activities: Health Science Education Vice-President (2012-2015); National Award Committee Board Liaison; ACTE Executive Committee Division Representative State/Local: Oklahoma and National Native American EMS Associations (1985-2010): Board Member and Officer, with many leadership roles, including speaking nationally; Oklahoma EMT Association (1990-present), President and Board Member of the EMS Instructor Coordinator Division, Presented at many state conferences and conducted Instructor EMS Education training; National Association of EMTs Member (1995-present); Certified as a Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support and Advanced Medical Life Support Instructor for National Association of EMTs (1998-2015); National Association of Educators Member (1995-present); Oklahoma EMS Consensus Group and Easter Oklahoma EMS Group Member; Oklahoma Governor's EMS Task Force Member; Oklahoma EMS Advisory Committee (2005-2006); Oklahoma Healthcare Workforce Committee (2000-present); American Heart Association (1990-present); Executive Committee and State Regional Faculty plus as the BLS and PALS National Affiliate Faculty

Platform Statement: My goals are to: support the president and help the president keep the meetings moving and on track; work hard and set a good example for the rest of the Board and the staff; ensure VISION is expanding and offering the most current and exciting speakers and presenters possible; help create informational flyers, blogs, presentations, etc., for members to see the value of ACTE and its benefits; share my passion for CTE across the country during our travels; continue to help expand the awards and leadership programs such as ACTE Fellows; help staff work on partnerships and expand on this opportunity; and ensure that ACTE is part of and creates a program for high-quality CTE teachers and programs. Furthermore, research is very important for CTE to prove that we make a difference. I would like to see a short excerpt or abstract in Techniquesmagazine each month, and maybe on the website also. ACTE should and must make a commitment to have a membership booth set up at each and every CTSO national leadership conference. So many of our members are at the conferences, participating with their students. They need to see an ACTE presence there supporting the cause! 

Region II Vice President


Richard Kalk Rick Kalk Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: II 

Division: Administration

Occupation: Retired Director of Career Education, Business Partnerships and Assessment 

Employment History: Director of Career Education, Business Partnerships and Assessment, Spartanburg Five Schools (2000-2013); Technology Education Teacher, Byrnes High School (1995-2000); Teacher, D.R. Hill Middle School (1979-1995); Silver Buyer, Hales Jewelers (1977-1979) 

Education: Education: Clemson University, Ed.D., Vocational/Technical Education (1992), M.Ed., Industrial Education 1983; Furman University, BMED 1977

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Region: Region II: ACTE Bylaws Committee Representative (2012-2014); Conference Chair (2012) ACTE National—Other Activities: ACTE Bylaws Committee: Member (2011-2014), Committee Chair (2014-present); ACTE Conference Presenter (2001-2002, 2005-2007) State/Local: South Carolina ACTE Past President; South Carolina Career and Technology Administrators Past President; South Carolina Technology Education Association Past President; South Carolina ACTE Outstanding Career and Technical Educator (2013); SC Career and Technology Educator Administrators Association Career and Technology Educator of the Year (2013); Spartanburg County Chamber of Commerce Chair (2003-2004)

Platform Statement: As vice president of Region II, my goal will be to bolster Region II by encouraging active involvement of the membership, maintaining open communication channels and increasing member-oriented opportunities to participate in Region II-sponsored events. Professional development, networking, awards and leadership opportunities are just a few of the ways that our members can be actively involved with ACTE. In order to take advantage of them, members must be well-informed about these opportunities. Every member is vital to the organization in terms of ideas, advocacy, leadership potential, resources and networking. The association must be an advocate for its members and serve as a community where those members can come together with a common purpose. Listening to what our members need is vital, but it is also paramount for us to encourage those whom we lead to be advocates, develop their leadership potential, utilize the resources available to them and to network with colleagues in order to grow professionally to their fullest potential. The more knowledgeable a member becomes, the more valuable that member is to the organization and the more impact he/she can have at all levels—from local to national. I appreciate the opportunity to advocate for Region II. 


 Brian LawBrian Law Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: II 

Division: Guidance and Career Development 

Occupation: School Counselor 

Employment History: School Counselor, Valdosta High (2005-present); Summer School Coordinator, Valdosta High (2007-present); Adjunct Professor, Psychology and Counseling, Valdosta State University (2009-present) 

Education: Abraham Baldwin College, AS; Abraham Baldwin College, AA; Valdosta State College, BS, Education; Valdosta State University, M.ED.; Valdosta State University, ED.S.

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Region: Region II Resolutions Committee (2015-2017) ACTE National—Other Activities: ACTE’s CareerTech VISION (2012,2014); ACTE Assembly of Delegates, Georgia Delegate (2014) State/Local: Georgia School Counselor Association President (2008-2009); American School Counselor Association President (2010-2011); Georgia ACTE: Conference Presenter (2011-2013), Summer Conference Participant (2011-2015), Minute Taker for Georgian ACTE Guidance and Career Development Division Summer Meeting (2013); Georgia Department of Education CTAERN Contracted Presenter at Summer CTAE Academy (2013); Local CTE Advisory Board (2012-2015); Guidance and Career Development Division Participant at the state and national levels

Platform Statement: John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” Serving on a board is a business. In order for a business to grow and prosper, we must work together. I am a team player and am very passionate about CTE. We must market this passion to other educators and business partners to support our students who we guide, educate and train to be successful, productive members of society. I affirm to serve on the ACTE Board in order to work with ACTE staff, the Executive Committee and other board members to increase the passion for CTE. CTE is a growing force in our workforce, and it is imperative to the future economy of the world. I want to make my passion contagious! As an experienced educator in all levels from P-16 serving as a teacher, school counselor, administrator and college professor, I understand the needs of our members. Having served as president for both the state and national school counseling associations, I have training and experience as an organizational leader. Using my skills of communication, organization and relationship building, I will help to build the membership and stakeholder support in ACTE. We need to reach out, recruit, respect and rejoin! 

Business Education Division Vice President 


 Kelli DiemerKelli Diemer

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: III 

Division: Business Education

Occupation: Business Education Consultant 

Employment History: Business/Marketing Education Consultant, Iowa Department of Education (2008-present); Business Department Chair/Business instructor, Cedar Falls High School (1987-2008); Instructor, Hawkeye Community College (1986-2008) 

Education: University of Northern Iowa, MA; University of Northern Iowa, BA 

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: Business Education Division: Policy & Planning Committee Member (2012-2015), Student Awards Chair (2011-2013) ACTE National—Other Activities: Bylaws Committee Member (2014-2016); ACTE CareerTech Vision Attendee (2006-2014); ACTE CareerTech VISION Presenter (2010, 2015); ACTE National Policy Seminar Attendee (2007-2013) State/Local: Iowa ACTE: State Liaison (2008-13), Executive Board (2006-10); National Association of Supervisors of Business Education: Executive Board (2012-present); National Business Education Association (1990-current); MBA Research Board of Trustees (2013-present); Iowa Dept. of Education Liaison to FBLA/PBL, Iowa DECA, Iowa Business Professionals of America (2008-14)

Platform Statement: My passion for business education began in my high school business classes and continued in the community college program. With the support of my instructors, this passion turned into a four-year degree to teach high school business. I have been fortunate to continue to work in this area at the Iowa Department of Education, and it would be my privilege to continue this commitment as the ACTE Business Education Division vice president. My goals are as follows: to communicate timely and reliable messages, as this strengthens the Business Education Division; to foster close working relationships among the Business Division of ACTE, the National Business Education Association, National Association of Supervisors of Business Education and any other organization that has the shared vision of strengthening business education; and to promote the value of attending ACTE’s CareerTech Vision and National Policy Seminar. I am committed to achieving these goals for the Business Division of ACTE.  

 Michelle TaylorMichelle Taylor Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: Business Education 

Occupation: Project Manager  

Employment History: Online Learning Manager, Mississippi State University (2012-present); Business Office Technology Instructor, East Mississippi Community College (2008-2011); Business and Computer Technology Teacher, Baldwyn School District (1998-2008)

Edcucation: Mississippi State University, Ph.D.; Mississippi State University, Ed.S.; Mississippi State University, MS; University of Mississippi, BS; Northeast Mississippi Community College, AAS

ACTE Involvement—ACTE National—Other Activities: CareerTech VISION Presenter (2014); Member (2012-present) State/Local: Mississippi ACTE: Member & Conference Presenter (2012-present), State Conference Division Planning Member (2014-present); National Business Education Association (18 years) Conference Presenter (2015); Southern Business Education Association Member(18 years); Mississippi Business Education Association: Vice President (2013-2014), President-Elect (2014-2015), Conference Presenter (2013-present

Platform Statement: I would like to increase ACTE membership and involvement from our business educators. Having members involved in ACTE can help them become more excited about the classroom process, which can influence new memberships. The current and potential members would recognize the value and benefit of membership with ACTE. Encouraging involvement should lead to increased participation in the different areas of ACTE and increase membership. I would also like to make available more teacher resources. Many teachers want and need resources to use for instruction. I see an opportunity to provide resources for instruction. This save teachers time, and it increases the perceived value of being an ACTE member. Another area I would like the opportunity as a division vice president to help out with is information on the legislative support ACTE provides. Many teachers do not understand or know of the efforts ACTE makes on behalf of its membership at the national and state levels. If more awareness could be given to this, it is likely more educators would be willing to step forward and aid in this cause. We in CTE are very dependent on the lobbying efforts for funding and support that are garnered from ACTE’s efforts. 

Family and Consumer Sciences Division Vice President

Two qualified candidates were not moved forward for the Family and Consumer Sciences election.  Per ACTE Bylaws and Board Policy and Procedure Manual, if there are not two candidates for a Vice President position, the office shall be declared vacant by the Board of Directors. The ACTE Board of Directors voted to appoint Rachel Gonzalez as the Family and Consumer Sciences Vice President  The term for this positions is July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2019.   

As a result, voting for Family and Consumer Sciences Division Vice President will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year.  


Rachel Gonzalez Rachel Gonzalez Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters


Division: Family and Consumer Sciences

Occupation: FACS Teacher 

Employment History: Instructor/Teacher, Lakeridge Jr. High School (1993-present); Assistant Manager Copy Centers, Print Services, Brigham Young University (1978-1990) 

Education: Brigham Young University, BS; Brigham Young University, Teaching Endorsement, English as a Second Language 

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Region: Region 5: Conference Attendee (2014), Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient (2014) ACTE National—Other Activities: Member (1993-present), Professional Development Committee (2007-2009), National Convention Delegate (2002-2003, 2006-2008), Annual Convention/VISION Attendee (2001-2002, 2006, 2008, 2010-2014), ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist (2014) State/Local: National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS Division Section): Member (2000-present), State Contact (2002-2003, 2007-2008), Financial Growth Committee (2003-2004), Local Arrangements Committee (2007-2008), Financial Growth Committee Chair (2008-2009), Local Arrangement Committee Chair (2010-11), President-Elect (2011-2012), President (2012-2013), Past President (2013-2014), Historian (2014-2015); Utah ACTE: Member (1993-present), Marketing/Promotion Chair (2008-present), Lifetime Achievement Award (2014); Utah Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences: Member (1993-present), Membership Chair (1996-1999), President-Elect (2001-2002, 2006-2007), President (2002-2003, 2007-2008), Past President (2003-2004, 2008-2009), Board Member (2005-2006, 2009-present), Division Arch of Fame Award Recipient (2006)

Platform Statement: I love CTE, and I love Family and Consumer Sciences. I can’t imagine a better way to prepare students for life and careers. From our classes, students can learn the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives—both at home and in the workplace. FACS programs are under attack. With sagging school budgets, many feel FACS classes to be unnecessary. Never have they been more necessary for society. As society understands the benefits of our curriculum in students’ lives, our defense is made. I have a passion and deep understanding of how our programs can and do change lives. Standing and speaking out for the interests of ACTE membership is critical. I feel I can do this. I am hard working and have a love for people. Having served in many leadership positions nationally and on the state level, I have an understanding of how ACTE functions. I have learned much from these experiences, and I look forward to learning more through continued leadership opportunities.


Anesa Hooper Anesa Hooper Headshot

Candidate Questions

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: New and Related Services

Occupation: District Marketing/Public Information Coordinator 

Employment History: District Marketing/Public Information Coordinator, Indian Capital Technology Center (2010-present); Curriculum/College Alliance Specialist, ICTC (2007-2010); Business and Computer Technology Instructor, ICTC (1999-2007) 

Education: Northeastern State University, School Administration (certification only); Northeastern State University, MBA; University of Arkansas, BS, Public Administration

ACTE Involvement—State/Local: Oklahoma ACTE New and Related Services: Reporter (2010-2012), President-Elect (2012-2013), President (2013-2014), Awards Chair (2014-present); Oklahoma ACTE BITE Northeast Region Vice President (2004-2006)

Platform Statement: As New and Related Services Division vice president, I want to increase not only my division's membership, but also our state and national memberships. I will work closely with the ACTE Board of Directors to better inform existing and potential members of membership benefits, as well as leadership opportunities that exist. ACTE provides many professional and personal growth opportunities for all members, and this needs to be emphasized continually and in a variety of ways. I also want to work closely with our business and industry partners to ensure we are meeting the needs for today’s and tomorrow's workforces. This can be done by inviting successful business and industry representatives to serve on state and national advisory boards, as well as serving as keynote speakers at state and national leadership conferences. 

Chester P. WichowskiChet Wichowski

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters


Division: New and Related Services

Occupation: Associate Director, Temple University 

Employment History: Associate Director, Temple University Center for CTE (1990-present); Curriculum and Training Adviser, U.S. Dept of Labor (1984-1990); Associate Professor and Curriculum Lab Director, Rutgers University (1980-1984); Associate Professor, Florida International University (1976-1980); Instructor, Brookdale Community College (1970-1973) 

Education: Pennsylvania State University, D.Ed.; College of New Jersey, MA; College of New Jersey, BA

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: New and Related Services Division Vice President (2006-2010); ACTE Resolutions Committee: Representative (2000-2002), Chair (2003); ACTE Bylaws Committee Representative (1997-1999) ACTE Region: Region I: Nomination Committee Chair (2013); Awards Committee Representative (2014-present), CTE Support Fund Representative (2013- 2015), Resolutions Committee Representative (2001-2003) ACTE National—Other Activities: Member Value Task Force (2012-2013); President-Elect Nomination Committee (2008, 2013), Election Review Task Force Member (2007), Resolutions Committee Chair (2003) State/Local: Pennsylvania ACTE: Conference Policy and Planning Committee Chair (2011-present), President, (2011-2012), Executive Committee (2008-present); PA State Chair, Perkins Program of Studies Articulation Committee (2007); Association for Professional Development in Career & Technical Education President (1996 & 2003); Federal Proposals for National Center for Research in Career and Technical Education Reviewer (1999)

Platform Statement: CTE has successfully served the workforce development needs of individuals and the nation for many years. It continues to evolve to the changing needs of technology in the workforce by providing opportunities to individuals to gain a combination of hard and soft skills necessary for well-paying careers. The desired outcomes for workforce and economic development do not occur in a vacuum. The delivery of quality CTE programs for workforce development requires a host of well-orchestrated components. These include all the regions/divisions and sections of ACTE. I believe that short- and long-range plans must be developed to provide unity within all regions/divisions and sections of ACTE toward the common good of the organization and to support the economic potential of individuals and the nation. If elected, , I pledge to work toward the unified growth of ACTE as an organization, as well as to provide the support necessary for the vitality of all the sections in the New & Related Services Division.

Region I Vice President-Elect


Jon Quatman Jon Quatman

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters


Division: Administration 

Occupation: Vice President 

Employment History:  Vice President, Dean of Instruction, Director, Great Oaks Career Campuses (1996-present); Assistant Principal, Director of Athletics, High School Mathematics Instructor, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Forest Hills Schools, Anderson High School (1987-1996); High School Economics and Middle School Mathematics Instructor, Athletic Coordinator, Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Boys Reserve Basketball Coach, Lockland City Schools (1985-1987); Mathematics and Economics Instructor, Co-athletic Director, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Boys Golf Coach, Saint Henry High School (1982-1985, 1975-1978); Mathematics and Economics Teacher, Dean of Discipline, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Boys Golf Coach, Bishop Brossart High School (1978-1982)

  Education: Xavier University, M.Ed., Educational Administration; Thomas More College, BA, Secondary Education Mathematics; Thomas More College, AA, Economics 

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: Administration Policy Board (2004-2006); ACTE Legislative Committee Chair (2003-2004) State/Local: National Council of Local Administrators: Past President (2005-2006), President (2004-2005), Vice President (2003-2004), Regional Director (2001-2003); Ohio ACTE: President (2010-2011), Executive Board (2009-2012), Administration Division President (2004-2005), Administration Division Past President (2005-2006); Administration Division President (2004-2005); Administration Division Vice President (2003-2004)

Platform Statement: CTE educators have dramatically changed the face of education. First, hands-on learning with integrated academics and measurable outcomes has been proven to be an effective educational model. Secondly, leaders now realize that students need to be prepared for a career, not just the next educational step. Our challenge is to keep the momentum going. Region I, by our very location and centers of population, we are in the unique position to influence our national leaders to support CTE. To accomplish this, we must endorse several goals. We must continue to come together as a professional learning community to share best practices and improve our delivery systems. We must then speak with one voice to our legislators. We must refine our message so that we focus on encouraging legislators to support an educational system that prepares students for career pathways, where earned credentials are the benchmark as students enter and advance in their chosen career fields. 

Frank YesalavichFrank Yesalavich Headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters 


Division: Agriculture Education

Occupation: Retired Agriculture Teacher 

Employment History: Adjunct Agriculture Professor, Teacher Education, Delaware Valley College (2013); Adjunct Agriculture Professor, Teacher Education, Rutgers University (2009-2010); Agricultural Teacher, Essex County Vocational Schools (1976-2010) 

Education: Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education: Ed.S., CTE; Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education: Ed.M., CTE; Rutgers University, BS, Plant Science 

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: NAAE: Policy Bylaws Committee Chair (2012), Vice-Chair (2011), Annual Meeting New Jersey Delegate (1983-1984, 2010-2014) ACTE Region: Region I: Secretary (2012-present), National Policy Seminar New Jersey Delegate (2012-2014), Nominating Committee Representative (2012-present), CareerTech VISION New Jersey Delegate (2012-2014, 1984), National Policy Seminar New Jersey Delegate (2011-2013 and 1984-1985) ACTE National—Other Activities: National Agricultural Education Summit NJ Delegate (2007, 2011) State/Local: NJAAE: Secretary (1976-1979), President (1979-1984), Treasurer (2007-2014); NJACTE: President (VEANJ 1984-85), Executive Committee (2011-present); NJ FFA Foundation Chair (2009-present); Rutgers Experiment Station Board of Managers (2008-present); NJAgEd Advisory Committee (2009-present)

Platform Statement: I am seeking the office of ACTE Region I vice president-elect because of my commitment to CTE. Throughout my career I have dedicated both time and effort to the growth of our professional organization, and I feel I am currently in a position to make an even greater commitment to the promotion of CTE. Inspired by my teacher-educator, himself once a Region I VP, I wish to follow in his footsteps and inspire others to become involved in professional organizations. As Region I VP, it would be my goal to increase support for and membership in ACTE by promoting a positive public perception of CTE. The public must know that today’s CTE student must think critically and communicate effectively, develop the ability to work collaboratively, and acquire leadership skills. To increase membership I would propose creating a database of CTE professionals to inform potential members of the benefits of ACTE membership. I would propose initiating an incentive program designed to encourage current members to recruit their colleagues. Additionally, I would propose contacting students in teacher certification programs. It would be my goal to not only continue the practice of e-mails, but also to expand communications via social media. 

Region IV Vice President-Elect


Tracy BeardTracy Beard headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: Administration 

Occupation: Principal 

Employment History: Principal, Washington Career & Technical Education Center (2007-present); Principal, Morrow Elementary School (2005-2007); Assistant Principal, North Central High School (2002-2005); Teacher, North Central High School (1994-2002); Teacher, Northwest High School (1991-1994); Teacher, Plaisance High School (1989-1991); Teacher, Capital High School (1987-1989); Graduate Assistant, Louisiana State University (1986-1987) 

Education: Louisiana State University, Ph.D.; Louisiana State University, MS; Louisiana State University, BS

ACTE Involvement— ACTE Division: Audit Committee Member (2013-present) ACTE Region: Region IV Policy Committee Member (2010-present) ACTE National—Other Activities: Attendee at CareerTech VISION and National Conferences (2007-2014) State/Local: Louisiana ACTE: President (2009-2010), President-Elect (2008-2009), Secretary (2007-2008)

Platform Statement: I would like to continue to make Region IV a strong influence throughout ACTE. I would like to encourage more participation in awards from each member state. I would strive to keep Region IV members informed of what is going on in ACTE and CTE in general. My goal would be to improve membership in Region IV by working with each member state to determine how best to improve conference attendance and increase member benefits. 

Christine Holecek Christine Holecek headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: Administration 

Occupation: Education Specialist II 

Employment History: CTE Education Specialist II, Education Service Center Region 12 (2008-present); Career Placement Facilitator, Waco ISD (2005-2008); Career Preparation Instructor, Waco High School (2003-2005); School-to-Work Coordinator/Youth Specialist, Heart of Texas Council of Governments (1998-2002); Adult Education Instructor, McLennan Community College (1991-1998)

Education: McLennan Community College, AAS; University of North Texas, BAAS (1990); University of North Texas, M.Ed., Tarleton State University, Ed.D. (currently enrolled)

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: Administration Business Meetings Attendee at National Conference/VISION (2010-2014) ACTE Region: Region IV: Audit Committee Texas Representative (2010-2013); Policy Committee Texas Representative (2014-present); Resolutions Committee Policy Liaison (2014-present) ACTE National—Other Activities: CareerTech VISION Attendee (2010-2014); VISION Presenter (2015) State/Local: Career & Technology Association of Texas Board Member (2011-present); CTAT Scholarship Committee Co-chair (2012-2014); Area 4 CTAT: President (2014-2015); Secretary (2009-2010), Outstanding Career Guidance Award State Finalist (2013); Outstanding Career Guidance Award State Finalist (2010) 

Platform Statement: I would like to focus on three priorities. The first is on professional development for our membership. CTE is at the forefront of educational reform and is leading dynamic change that will positively impact students across the nation for the next decade and beyond. ACTE must provide premier professional learning experiences to help teachers, counselors and administrators enhance their skills and continue to build partnerships with all stakeholders in the education of our future workforce. ACTE must be focused on student success through CTE and workforce training. ACTE should provide cutting-edge practices in CTE, student engagement, transition guidance, instructional partnerships and management efficiencies. The second priority is advocacy and awareness. ACTE members should be given opportunities to pursue advocacy efforts at state and national levels to share CTE public policy and influence public perception. As a board member, I want to raise awareness about CTE and policy issues related to CTE. The third priority is recognizing excellence and leadership development. As an organization, we need to continue to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field, programs that exemplify the highest standards, and organizations that have improved and expanded programs. 

Trade and Industrial Education Division Vice President-Elect


Kelly Almond Kelly Almond

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: II 

Division: Trade and Industrial Education 

Occupation: Construction Technology Instructor 

Employment History: Construction Technology Instructor, Mt. Zion High School (2013-present); Construction Technology Instructor, Warren Technical School (2010-2013); Construction Technology Instructor, McEachern High School (2009-2010); Construction Technology Instructor, Lee County High School (2005-2009, 1999-2000); Aircraft Assembly Instructor and Construction Technology Instructor, Albany Technical Institute (1997-1999); U.S. Marine Corps (1984-1994) 

Education: Valdosta State University, Career/Technical Educator Certification; Argosy University (currently pursuing BA) 

ACTE Involvement— State/Local: Georgia ACTE: President-Elect (July 2015-present), Trade and  Industrial Division VP (2013-present); Trade and Industrial Educators of Georgia: Vice President (2014-present), Secondary Director (2012-2014); SkillsUSA: Georgia Region Chair (2011-2013), Advisor (2005-present)

Platform Statement: Given the current trajectory and speed in the advancement of CTE, it is imperative that first of all we “do no harm.” There is much to be said for the old saying, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it;” but if there is a way to improve upon success, it must be explored. With industry reeling from the vacuum created by the lack of a qualified workforce, we are at a point that we must be highly proactive. It is not enough to train these students for rewarding careers. Industry must be made aware of the quality of graduates who are emerging from our programs. I would like to create a pipeline that connects industry leaders with the graduates who have acquired the skill sets industry is looking for. This endeavor, I believe, will realize success only if parents are informed and aware of the possibilities and potential that their graduates have for their future. Graduates are often overwhelmed with the transition into a new chapter of their life. Parents have successfully guided them through the K-12 portion of their life, and they should be given the tools to advise and guide them into adult life. 

Dean Baker Dean Baker headshot

Candidate Questions 

Recommendation Letters

Region: IV 

Division: Trade and Industrial Education

Occupation: Precision Machining/Computer Numerical Control Instructor 

Employment History: Precision Machining/Computer Numerical Control Instructor, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, (1998-present); Production Engineer, Modular Services (1997-1999); Engineering Department Prototype Specialist, Computer Numerical Control Programmer, Taylor Tools (1996-1997); Precision Machining/Computer Numerical Control Instructor, Canadian Valley Technology Center (1987-1996) 

Education: University of Central Oklahoma, BS

ACTE Involvement—ACTE Division: Trade and Industrial Education: Bylaws Committee Division Representative (2013-present), CareerTech VISION Planning Committee Division Representative ACTE Region: Region IV: CTE Support Fund Committee Member (2014-present), ACTE Fellow (2015) ACTE National—Other Activities: Precision Machining SkillsUSA Chair, State Contest (2005-2013) State/Local: Oklahoma ACTE Trade and  Industrial Education Division: President-Elect (2014-present), Vice President (2013-2014), Reporter (2011-2013), PAC Committee Representative (2006-present)

Platform Statement: The skills gap! It has been in the news a lot. It’s a catchy phrase, but with a very real impact. This is what the Trade and Industrial Division teaches. We are doing an excellent job providing the education needed by American workers to obtain the skills required to fill the thousands of, not jobs, but careers in the United States. But we have to do more. We must keep the stories of our successes—and there are many in all states across this great nation—in the eyes and ears of our local, state and national elected officials. We, the Trade &Industrial Division of ACTE, cannot even start to fill all the careers that are there without adequate funding and support for our system. This is especially true for our teachers who are on the front lines filling this gap that has been created by our national emphasis on a four-year degree. Our legislators must realize that it is imperative that funding be increased at all levels to allow the Trade and Industrial educators to continue to prepare our students for these careers. It is our time to shine! 



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