National ACTE and Region I Awards

Region I administers the following ACTE Member Awards:

  • ACTE Teacher of the Yearsponsored by Express Employment Professionals 
  • ACTE Administrator of the Year
  • ACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year
  • ACTE New Teacher of the Year
  • ACTE Career Guidance Award
  • ACTE Carl Perkins Community Service Award
  • ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Scott Westbrook III Humanitarian Award
  • Jim Hanneman Memorial Award

To learn more about the ACTE Member Awards application process and requirements, visit the ACTE Member Awards page.

Region I Award Winners

Meet Your 2019 Region I Award Winners!

  • Teacher of the Year: Dr. Anne Marie McNamara
  • Administrator of the Year: Leonard T. Szczawinski
  • Postsecondary Teacher of the Year: Charles J. Ax, III
  • New Teacher of the Year: Deanna Miller
  • Teacher Educator of the Year: Joanne L. Ryan
  • Carl Perkins Community Service Award: Jeffrey Bertke
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Terry Hughes
  • Career Guidance Award: Tina Bacigalupo

Other Region I Awards

Application Due Date: Sept. 30

Region I Past Award Winners


  • Teacher of the Year: Linda Romano, New York
  • Administrator of the Year: Tim Buschur, Ohio
  • Postsecondary Teacher of the Year: Tracy Campbell, Ohio
  • New Teacher of the Year: Keely DiTizio, New Jersey
  • Carl Perkins Community Service Award: Stephanie Joliff, Ohio
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Cathy Bither, Maine
  • Scott Westbrook III Humanitarian Award: Sterling Roberson, New York


  • Teacher of the Year: Alexander C. Bell
  • Career Guidance Award: Louise Hacker Hayes
  • Administrator of the Year: Nancy Luce
  • Postsecondary Teacher of the Year: Tonya Lloyd
  • Carl Perkins Community Service Award: Katie Stall
  • New Teacher of the Year: Dale Cruzan III


  • Teacher of the Year: Timothy Michitsch, Ohio
  • New Teacher of the Year: Eric R. Mathews, Ohio
  • Postsecondary Teacher of the Year: Adam Schussel, Ohio
  • Career Guidance Award: Doug Nagle, Ohio
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Ernest Powers, West Virginia


  • Teacher of the Year: Tara Berescik, New York
  • Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher: Tiffany Morey, New Jersey
  • Outstanding Career and Technical Educator: Dan Frederick, Ohio
  • Outstanding Teacher in Community Service: Adam Schlosser, Ohio
  • Career Guidance Award: Janet Baughn, Ohio


  • Teacher of the Year: Robin McLean, New Jersey
  • Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher: Sharon Maurice, Ohio
  • Outstanding Career and Technical Educator: Erin Schilling, Ohio
  • Outstanding Teacher in Community Service: Deborah Chapman, West Virginia
  • Career Guidance Award: Sarah Taylor, Ohio
Scott Westbrook III Humanitarian Award
1998 Barbara Buckee Michigan
1999 Bill Henry Pennsylvania
2001 Ernie Powers West Virginia
2002 L. Jane Greenwood Vermont
2003 Allen Vaughan Massachusetts
2004 Van Hughes Pennsylvania
2005 Marcus Ashley Massachusetts
2006 Polly Mingyar Ohio
2007 Mitch Culbert Ohio
2008 Ron Cassidy Ohio
2012 Dave Keaton Maine
2013 Nancy Trivette New Jersey
2014 Chet Wichowski Pennsylvania

Jim Hanneman Memorial Award
2001 Charleyne Gilbert Maine
2002 John Polto Pennsylvania
2003 Al Gaisor Vermont
2004 Ron Cassidy Ohio
2005 Ernie Powers West Virginia
2006 Allen Vaughan Massachuestts
2007 Van Hughes Pennsylvania
2009 Maggie Hess Ohio
2012 Polly Mingyar Ohio
2013 Polly Mingyar Ohio
2014 Dave Keaton Maine

Outstanding Advisory Committee Members
2012 Frank Miles Pennsylvania
2012 Ruth Ann Biada Ohio

Innovative Program of the Year
2012 Carver Career Center West Virginia
2014 Huntington High School West Virginia

Outstanding Business/Educational Partnership Award
2013 Milton Hershey School Pennsylvania

Quality Association Standards Award
The purpose of the Quality Association Standards (QAS) is to provide benchmarks for state associations to determine levels of performance and satisfactory service to their members and prospective members. The following states from Region I have been awarded the QAS Award:

2014: West Virginia, Ohio
2013: West Virginia, Ohio
2012: West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania
2011: West Virginia
2010: West Virginia, Massachusetts

Congratulations, Region I QAS Award recipients! For more information on the QAS and how to submit an application for your state association, visit the QAS webpage here.