Teach CTE Recruitment Toolkit

Welcome to the Teach CTE Recruitment Toolkit! The purpose of these resources is to help CTE practitioners raise awareness of the CTE educator shortage with their students and other CTE stakeholders, and provide tools to help build interest in CTE education as a profession.

This toolkit contains several print- and web-ready pieces designed to help you spread the word about the benefits of choosing to be a CTE educator to your students and potential career changers, as well as guides for classroom activities and events.

From social media posts to narrative videos from current CTE educators, ACTE has you covered with everything you need to support this critical endeavor. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the toolkit, please contact Alisha Hyslop at ahyslop@acteonline.org.

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Promotional Materials

  • “Why You Should Teach CTE” Flyer/Handout – This informational sheet lists and describes 10 reasons to become a CTE educator. These core messages can be used to promote the benefits of the profession to students and others who are exploring their career options. (Size 8.5 x 11)
  • “Why You Should Teach CTE” Poster – This poster-size file contains the same messages as the flyer, but as a printable poster that would make a great addition to classrooms, workspaces and more. (Size 12 x 18)

Social Media Messages

One of the best ways to reach new audiences to engage is via social media platforms. From Twitter to LinkedIn, these ready-to-use social media posts and graphics will help you spread the word about the benefits of becoming a CTE educator.

Recruitment Events

  • Teach CTE Event Guide – Want to bring students, educators and others together to support the CTE teaching profession? This event guide provides steps to plan a memorable event that focuses on showcasing the profession to attendees, community members and other stakeholders.
  • Webinar: Teach CTE: Montana’s Approach to Recruitment for a New Generation of CTE Teachers
    Expanding upon their “Tagged to Teach Ag” efforts, a collaboration of teacher preparation programs, Montana ACTE and the Office of Public Instruction CTE Specialists are recruiting high school students into the profession of education through a “Teach CTE” Day. Highlighting both formal and informal education options through CTE and Extension education, students get to work with high school teachers, college faculty, college students and state staff to explore the rewarding career and educational opportunities.

Graphic Resource Bank

You can help recruit future teachers and show your support for the CTE profession with our variety of graphic options for publications, presentations, social media, Zoom and more.

Other Recruitment Campaigns

Specific disciplines and geographic regions have developed their own unique recruitment campaigns and related tools. Visit the following pages for more recruitment support!

“Why I Teach CTE” Videos

These short videos (roughly 1-2 minutes each) feature current CTE educators explaining why they teach CTE and sharing advice for future educators. They can be used as a promtional and instuctional tool for those considering the profession!

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