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What Makes You Tick, and What Ticks You Off?

My favorite question to ask someone when meeting them for the first time is “What makes you tick and what ticks you off?” Think about this in

How Are You Growing Professionally?

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a professional development workshop and wondering “How is this helping me grow?” or “How will I be able to

The Power of Professional Development

As a CTE teacher, high quality professional development opportunities can be hard to find. In my home state of New Jersey, we are lucky enough to have a

Will You Be Prepared?

Over the last 5 years, my students have worked on several different anti-bully projects and worked with students in grade 2nd- 8th. We started out with

Reinvigorating School Safety

Here we go again…another fire drill, and just when the class lesson was starting to unfold. I could sense every teacher rolling their eyes and every

Many Problems, Many Solutions

Why don’t students choose STEM careers and courses? Mainly students say they are interested in the STEM field, but few go on to college and graduate

How Do You Think About STEM

Recently, I was invited to participate in a survey for which addressed agriculture teachers’ perceptions of STEM integration. Some of the questions,

Cara LeGrys on the 21st Century CTE Classroom

I began teaching marketing education courses in 1992. The district in which I taught in had limited funds so many of the textbooks that were on the

Briana Morton on the 21st Century CTE Classroom

Recently, I was helping a veteran educator prepare for a job interview as an administrator in her school district. She is candid about her biggest

Here’s the Main Idea, but I Digress

I recently attended the Region VI National Association of Agricultural Educators conference in New Haven, CT.  As a career and technical education

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