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Bright Horizons for CTE Students

The mission of ACTE, incorporated since 1926, is to promote the educational reform known as: Career and Technical Education. Career and technical

CTE helps students get that GRIT!

There has been a lot of buzz about having “GRIT”. When Angela Duckworth gave a TED talk about students needing grit, the can was opened about those

Always Take the Steps!

If I can give one piece of advice to future CTE leaders, it would be to Always Take the Steps! There is a passage in the Bible I use for encouragement,

Are You An Innovator?

As we celebrate CTE Month 2016, we first will reminisce on CTE Month 2015. The CTE Theme 2015: Recognizing Classroom Innovators. How ironic?! This means

Touchdown for CTE

When the whistle blew for the first game, I was reminded of my alarm clock. It was a brisk December morning.  I crawled out of bed to prepare for a

“Memphis, Marketing, and Ms. Mott”

Innovation ensures we experience sustainability, and the evolution of thought and practice. Education and Innovation support each other as students use

Exploring the College and Career Opportunities of CTE

This month’s topic is on college and career readiness. It is an exciting time to be in CTE. Currently my school district’s CTE department is in

Let’s Celebrate CTE!

As a CTE counselor, it concerns me that many people do not understand how beneficial CTE is to students and to our economy. So…I take action. 

Mentors? Go Find 1 or More!

Why do you need a mentor? There is much debate and discussion about mentors in schools. Should they be assigned or grow out of natural circumstances. I

This month’s blog speaks to student leadership through active CTSO involvement. In order for a student to lead, h/she must be “active”. The

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