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Work-Based Learning in New Mexico

Academic Career Experience (ACE) is the work-based learning program for Las Cruces Public Schools in Las Cruces, NM.  In this program, students earn

Networking for Professional Growth

Do you ever wonder how some people become a leader in their profession or how they became an industry influencer over someone else?? We all start out

New Mexico ACTE Informational Socials- A Great Way to Connect!

This past year, our New Mexico Association for Career and Technical Education has hosted CTE socials on the first Wednesday of each month.  These events

Hone in on Your Leadership

Leadership means different things for different people. Oftentimes as educators, we are tasked with so many other duties that we do not have the time to

My Mentor

It’s hard to wear several hats, but Angie Koontz does it as well as anyone can. She is a mother, wife, CTE advocate, UDL expert, and she also has a day

Interview with Betty Lieu, Esq. Torrance Unified School District Board Member

We are very fortunate to have Betty Lieu on the Torrance Unified School District school board as our district advocate for CTE and STEAM education. Betty

Region III Vice President Interview

No average person can become an ACTE Region VP and Lisa Stange is no average person. Despite thinking she never wanted to become an educator Lisa was

Finding CTE Mentorship, Never Compromising, and Leading from the Heart

Meet past ACTE fellow Dr. Patrick Biggerstaff, the Director of Career and Technical Education at Area 31 Career Center in Indiana. In this blog, Dr.

Meet Shani Watkins – Region V Vice President

Shani Watkins, Director of the West Sound Technical Skills Center located in Bremerton, Washington. Shani has held the Director position for the last

NPS Experience

It was my honor to attend the ACTE National Policy Seminar (NPS) in Washington DC, March 20-23, 2022 and join a wonderful group of 20 ACTE new and

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