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ACTE and the Techniques team are excited to launch the 2023–24 editorial calendar with eight comprehensive themes. Read the magazine, then reach out to Lia Milgram, senior managing editor, with story ideas.

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September 2023: VISION in the Spotlight

The future is so bright; pack your shades! ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2023 will arrive in the Valley of the Sun, that is Phoenix, Arizona, Nov. 29–Dec. 2. This issue of Techniques will offer a sneak preview of the comprehensive program being planned for your professional development: concurrent sessions, the CareerTech Expo and Career Pavilion, awards, networking and more. Meet us there to connect with the education leaders driving high-quality CTE.

VISION presenters are encouraged to submit content & story ideas by May 15.

October 2023: A How-to Guide

How did they do that? And how can we do it? We hear these questions all the time. So, for a moment in October 2023, we’ve decided to break the mold. This issue of Techniques will offer a wide range of how-to guides and downloadable resources that educators can use right away. Additionally, readers and ACTE members should feel encouraged to submit high-quality photographs of CTE in action for a special feature.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until June 12.

November/ December 2023: Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

Innovation is driven by diverse groups of people with different skill sets working together to meet collective goals. Educators, consider how to develop work- and project-based learning activities that span career clusters. And how this practice of cross-disciplinary collaboration can prepare students for success in an evolving world of work. For this issue of Techniques, please submit your tips and tricks and model programs.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until July 10.

January 2024: Advocacy & Outreach

Educators seek to design and deliver high-quality CTE, to help learners make vital contributions to society, but you can’t do it alone. Reach out to community leaders and business owners as well as students and their families. Ask for help and share information about what your programs have to offer. This issue of Techniques will explore how regular advocacy and outreach can lead to stronger partnerships and programs.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until Sept. 11.

February 2024: Excellence in CTE

Celebra hoy! Celebrate today. Aduéñate del mañana. Own tomorrow! This issue of Techniques, arriving as we celebrate CTE Month®, will showcase the diversity among high-quality career and technical education programs of study. And it will honor key stakeholders — esteemed educators and industry partners like you — who engage students to excel. Readers and ACTE members should feel encouraged to nominate excellent educators for a special spotlight feature.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until Oct. 9.

March 2024: Research & Practice

Researchers studying CTE seek to better understand how program implementation and enrollment affect learner outcomes. While developing a richer body of knowledge to support building high-quality programs of study, research also can be used to revise policies and practices. This issue of Techniques will address strategies for accessing, analyzing and sharing published research; discuss the importance of causal research in CTE; and offer support for program improvement through data.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until Nov. 6.

April 2024: Tell Me a Story of CTE

Academic writing standards tell us not to use the first-person point of view. When “I feel” or “I think” is removed, the argument can be made stronger. But in some cases, I feel differently. Human connection is vital, just as it is to acknowledge others’ lived experiences. For this issue of Techniques, please submit personal narratives that answer the question, “What is your story of CTE?”

Content & story ideas will be accepted until Dec. 4.

May 2024: Workforce Development in Underserved Communities

Ideally, every school, district and institution would receive adequate funding to invest in new technology or to design innovative workforce development programs. Because all learners deserve access to high-quality education that will lead to fulfilling careers. Often, however, educators and administrators must develop creative solutions with limited resources. This issue of Techniques will identify and promote best practices; foster collaboration; and raise awareness of the value of CTE for all.

Content & story ideas will be accepted until Jan. 8.

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With questions, story ideas, or to inquire about submissions, contact Lia Milgram, senior managing editor. Prospective advertisers can contact Tom Minich for details. To reach ACTE, call 800-826-9972.

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