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We’re excited to launch the 2022–23 editorial calendar, which will include eight print issues! Review the themes published below, and contact Lia Milgram, managing editor, with questions or story ideas.

September 2022: VISION goes to Vegas

ACTE’s CareerTech VISION presents an exciting, informative, downright transformational professional development experience for career and technical education (CTE). Under the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, attendees at VISION 2022 will excel. And you’ll carry those standards of excellence home. Read Techniques to discover how the community at ACTE prepares educators & their students for high-level success.

October 2022: Technological transformations

Technology plays a key role in how we live, learn, work and play. New teaching tools and emerging fields of study — like data science, esports, and careers in electric vehicles —challenge educators to innovate. Content we seek for Techniques in October will showcase 21st century technological transformations. Discuss the ways in which disruptive technology affects high-quality CTE program development and delivery.

November/December 2022: Making education & workforce connections

Techniques connects education and careers. So, too, do high-quality CTE programs. For the success of learners and the workforce, CTE educators make vital connections to real-world knowledge. Further, career and technical education creates opportunities for students to engage in academic, technical and employability development. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit content proposals that address innovation in work-based learning and student career development.

January 2023: The infrastructure issue

At the dawn of a new year, Techniques will consider what opportunities lie ahead. Committing resources to support tangible and intangible infrastructure can pay dividends for the long-term success of career and technical education. Think of the partnerships! CTE is poised to support new and growing industry sectors as our nation increases its commitment to technology and workforce development in underserved communities.

February 2023: Sustaining passions & supporting educators

Education systems across the country face staggering faculty shortages. No district or institution seems to be immune. And administrators are left wondering what to do about it. This issue of Techniques, focused on educator recruitment and retention, will offer actionable resources for all CTE stakeholders to support the education workforce. A special feature on CTE Month® is expected to highlight the importance of career and technical education.

March 2023: The agricultural education issue

Agricultural education students develop technical and employability skills — math, science, teamwork, problem solving and more — through the lens of food and natural resources. The CTE delivery model combines classroom instruction, real-world application, and leadership development opportunities to inspire the next generation of workforce leaders. This issue of Techniques will celebrate the work of ACTE’s Agricultural Education Division.

April 2023: CTE for English learners

English learners thrive in career and technical education. The hands-on nature of CTE program instruction transcends language barriers. Consider how increased efforts to reach English learners — at all levels — and their families can promote learner success while also addressing vital workforce needs. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit proposals for Techniques that celebrate their communities’ diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

May 2023: Global education

Every day, it grows easier to reach a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, or a student across the globe. Career and technical education students enter a workforce driven, increasingly, by international stakeholders. High-quality CTE programs offer a solid foundation on which to build global competencies. Thus, this issue of Techniques will define global competence and support educators who seek to help their students investigate the world.

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With questions, story ideas, or to inquire about submission deadlines, contact Lia Milgram, managing editor. Advertisers can contact Jim Waterhouse, sponsorship and exhibit sales manager. To reach ACTE, call 800-826-9972.

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