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Mentorship in Action

Having a mentor at any stage in one’s career is an invaluable asset to help them on their journey to honing their craft and being the best CTE educator

The Great Power of Mentors

I found myself reflecting on my professional journey a few weeks ago. Being a first-generation university graduate, I was trying to wrap my brain around

Meeting My Mentor

As a New Professional ACTE Fellow, I get the amazing opportunity to interact with the very best people, and when I say the very best, I mean it. My mentor

An Outline of West-MEC’s Recruitment and Retention Strategy

This post is part of ACTE’s Teach CTE campaign. For additional information or to contribute a post, please contact Dominique Frascoia.
The recruitment


February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) month. If it were not for CTE, I’m not sure I would be in the career I love, today. I will forever be

Time is moving WAY too fast.

It seems like only yesterday I started what I now affectionately call my ‘leadership journey’. I was lost, truly, but not in a ‘I don’t know where

Talk to your kids

I have said for a long time that we need to talk more to our kids about the work we do and the careers we have in order to foster their thinking about the

In Online CTE, Focus on Interaction

Educational researchers have long recognized the social and situated nature of learning. Learning – particularly learning as it relates to a skill or


Sitting at the front of my room I had a tile board that read “Play is the Highest Form of Research” one of my favorite quotes from Einstein. I have

Times Change – Human Connection Does Not

The importance of connection among other people is proven. Some would even argue that the sense of connection within your career is more important than

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