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What do you think will be a big part of Career Development in the future?

Career Development in the future is going to be centered around technology and the different uses of technology. CTE courses need to stay current with

FACS career paths for students

In contemplating what it was I wanted to write about when It came to career paths for FACS students I began with the obvious ones. The students from our

The Future of Career Development

As a third year teacher, I am still learning about CTE and what all it entails. When I first became a teacher, I was very fortunate to have a mentor that

Advancing Access and Equality How do you work to advance access and equality in your school?

Over the course of the past four years we have worked hard at Caddo Hills School District to develop and maintain a rich and dynamic atmosphere where

CTE Policy

Many of the opportunities for our area are dependent on having a trade or skill. However, in our schools we do not have the opportunity. We do not have

A Model for School Culture Change

Beginning in June of 2018, Belen High School embarked on an aggressive grant program to “redesign” its educational environment, instruction, systems,

I am proud to be a CTE Educator!

Hello, to my fellow CTE educators.

This is a great time to share the good things going on in our CTE Centers as well as the accomplishments of your

Leading Digital Equity

One of the most relevant characteristics of leadership, according to leadership expert and author John Maxwell, is the ability to define reality in

Equality in CTE

Over the years I have come to know that there are different types of equality when it comes to Career and Technical Education. I will say that I have seen

Advancing Access through Scheduling at Belen High School

As athletic director at Belen High School I often had conversations with our student athletes about their classes. These conversations always started the

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