Work-based Learning

Work-based learning is one of 12 elements of high-quality CTE, defined in ACTE’s comprehensive, research-based Quality CTE Program of Study Framework. The following reports, articles, guides and toolkits can help you develop and implement high-quality work-based learning. This page is under development; additional resources and tags will be added in summer 2018. 

Work-based Learning Strategies

Taking Business to School Case Study Series
ACTE, various

Career Exploration in Middle School: Setting Students on the Path to Success
ACTE, May 2017

The Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education: Employer Engagement at Its Best 
Leveridge, ACTE Techniques Magazine, March 2016

Work-Based Learning for the New Economy: From “K to J” in Tennessee
Gibney, ACTE Techniques Magazine, May 2015

Workplace Immersion for Accelerated Learning
Jacobson, ACTE Techniques Magazine, April 2015

Work-based Learning: The Key to Connecting Students to the World of Work
Xanthis, ACTE Techniques Magazine, January 2015

Learning to Learn: Why the Supervised Ag Experience Is Key to Agricultural Education
Fritsch, ACTE Techniques Magazine, October 2013

Knowledge is the Key to Helping Students Choose Their Path
Williams, ACTE Techniques Magazine, January 2017

Work-based Learning Opportunities for High School Students
Alfeld, Charner, Johnson and Watts, FHI 360, February 2013

Connecting the Classroom to Careers: Measuring Work-based Learning for Continuous Improvement
Advance CTE, August 2016

Using Internships to Deepen Classroom Learning and Develop Professional Skills
Whitehill, Dowding, Wolcott and Nadeau, Eskolta School Research and Design, Inc., July 2013


Pennsylvania Youth Apprenticeship Program: Over 20 Years of On-the-Job Training
Scarpello, ACTE Techniques Magazine, January 2015

Opportunities for Connecting Secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) Students and Apprenticeship Programs
Kreamer and Zimmermann, Advance CTE, June 2017

Promising Practices for Successful High School Apprenticeships
Curry, American School Counselor Association, 2018

Overcoming Access and Equity Challenges

Not As Hard As You Think: Engaging High School Students in Work-Based Learning
Cahill and Jackson, Jobs for the Future, May 2015

Connecting the Classroom to Careers: Removing Legal Barriers around Work-based Learning
Advance CTE, April 2016

CTE on the Frontier: Connecting Rural Learners to the World of Work
Advance CTE, September 2017

Simulated Work-based Learning: Instructional Approaches and Noteworthy Practices
Moyer, Snodgrass, Klein and Tebben, National Center for Innovation in Career Technical Education, September 2017

Youth with Disabilities in Work-Based Learning Programs: Factors that Influence Success
Scholl and Mooney, Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education, 2003/2004

Curriculum-Based Virtual Field Trips: Career Development Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
Elleven et. al, Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education, 2006

Work-based Learning Guides, Toolkits and Standards

Preparing Youth for Life: The Gold Standards for High School Internships
National Academy Foundation

Work Based Learning in Linked Learning: Definitions, Outcomes, and Quality Criteria
ConnectEd California

Work-Based Learning Manual
FHI 360

Work-based Learning Toolkit
ConnectEd Studios

Internship Handbook for Career Academies
Winthrop, College and Career Academy Support Network, 2001

Forms on File: Work-based Learning ($)
Copeland, 2015

CTE Work-based Learning Guide
Virginia Department of Education, 2017

Work-based Learning Policy Guide
Tennessee Department of Education, May 2017

Youth Internship Program Framework
South Dakota Department of Education

Work-Based Learning Manual Guidelines and Tools to Support Work-Based Learning for All Learners
Vermont Agency of Education, 2017

Worksite Learning Manual
Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2012

Work-Based Learning Manual
Kentucky Office of Career and Technical Education, March 2015

Apprenticeship Guides and Toolkits

Building Registered Apprenticeship Programs: A Quick-start Toolkit
U.S. Department of Labor

Registered Apprenticeship Toolkit
U.S. Department of Labor

Framework on Apprenticeship for High School Students
U.S. Department of Labor, January 2017

High School Apprenticeships: A Guide for Starting Successful Programs
U.S. Department of Labor, 2010

High School Apprenticeship Case Studies
U.S. Department of Labor

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship: Action Planning Guide for Local Communities
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, 2008

Policies and Procedures for Bridging Youth Apprenticeship to Registered Apprenticeship
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, 2015

A Manager’s Guide to Hosting Youth Apprentices
CareerWise Colorado

Outreach to Youth and Parents on Apprenticeships: Sample Materials