Career Exploration in Middle School: Setting Students on the Path to Success

Engage Middle School Students in CTE to Inspire Career Exploration

Research has identified middle school as a time when students can benefit the most from career exploration, a process of building self-awareness, learning about potential careers, and developing a plan for reaching future goals. A key way career exploration is provided to middle school students is through exploratory and introductory CTE courses, as well as career and academic planning through scalable technology, CTSOs and work-based learning experiences.

ACTE has partnered with Career Cruising (now Xello) to produce Career Exploration in Middle School: Setting Students on the Path to Success which identifies the benefits of career exploration and ways to implement and improve school programs because it’s never too early for students to start preparing for their career and the pathway that will help them achieve their goals.

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ACTE has launched a new Middle School Career Exploration via CTE LinkedIn Group to serve as a professional learning forum for administrators thinking about how to share, initiate, build and improve middle school CTE and career development!

Administrators are invited to join the LinkedIn Group. Each week ACTE will be launching a new theme that will be shared to spur the conversation, but any middle school CTE/career development topic is welcomed to be explored in the space.