Inclusion, Access, Equity and Diversity

ACTE Stands in Solidarity

ACTE condemns institutional racism in all of its forms and believes in social justice and civil rights. As an organization, we continue to reaffirm our existing statement:

ACTE promotes high quality CTE programs for diverse audiences. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diversity of the CTE community. We are committed to inclusion, access, equity, and diversity throughout our organization.

Purpose of the Inclusion, Access, Equity and Diversity (IAED) Advisory Group

The purpose of the Inclusion, Access, Equity and Diversity (IAED) Advisory Group is to provide recommendations, expertise and outreach to support ACTE’s IAED initiatives.  ACTE’s goal is to provide resources to support IAED throughout career and technical education.

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IAED Initiatives

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Interested in joining the IAED Group or contributing resources or speaker names to the IAED website?

  • Recommend and solicit ideas for the IAED column of the 2020-2021 Techniques magazine cycle and articles for PAGES, a Techniques Blog
  • Suggest a process and communications strategy for the creation of a grassroots effort to establish IAED mentors for up and coming leaders
  • Encourage IAED session submissions for ACTE events to increase IAED session offerings
  • Submit potential IAED speaker names and contact information for inclusion on the ACTE IAED website to serve as a resource for the CTE community at large