Our Commitment to Inclusion, Access, Equity, and Diversity

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) stands firmly with our members against all forms of discrimination. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive professional environment wherein every CTE professional feels valued for their unique characteristics, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, veteran status, ability, sexual orientation, language, country of origin, or socioeconomic status.

IAED Definitions

ACTE is committed to inclusion, access, equity, and diversity (IAED) throughout our organization, and has operationalized the definitions of these terms to aid in our work and that of the collective CTE community. As with all of our IAED efforts, we acknowledge that these definitions are not an exhaustive representation of all the ways in which these terms could be used, nor will they ever be complete or final. Language evolves, and we welcome your feedback.


Inclusion means intentionally creating an environment in which diverse individuals are welcomed, respected, supported and valued for the contributions they bring.


Access means ensuring each individual has the opportunity to enter a full range of programs and experiences that align to their needs, goals and priorities. This may be achieved through policies and practices that identify and eliminate barriers to participation.


Equity means ensuring that each individual can reach their personal potential within programs and experiences that align to their needs, goals and priorities. This may be achieved through policies and practices that provide supports, opportunities and resources to allow each individual to achieve success.


Diversity means all of the ways in which people differ, and includes race, age, national origin, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, physical appearance, geographical location and any other identifiers that make one individual or group different from another.

IAED Initiatives

IAED Advisory Group

IAED Mentorship Program

Include IAED resources and speaker names on the ACTE IAED website

Recommend ideas for the IAED column to appear in Techniques

Encourage the CTE community to reference the Access and Equity element in the ACTE Quality CTE Program of Study Framework

Increase participation in the ACTE’s IAED Advisory Group

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Interested in joining the IAED Group or contributing resources or speaker names to the IAED website?

  • Recommend and solicit ideas for the IAED column of the 2020-2021 Techniques magazine cycle and articles for PAGES, a Techniques Blog
  • Suggest a process and communications strategy for the creation of a grassroots effort to establish IAED mentors for up and coming leaders
  • Encourage IAED session submissions for ACTE events to increase IAED session offerings
  • Submit potential IAED speaker names and contact information for inclusion on the ACTE IAED website to serve as a resource for the CTE community at large

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