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College and Career Readiness

The goal in my district has always been to graduate students who are ready for college and careers.  As a matter of fact, it is covered in our

No More Tightening the Belt on Education

Words like ‘tighten the belt’, ‘cinch up the reins’, or ‘hold on for a tough year’ are all too common phrases when educators start talking

Creating and Developing Leadership through Mentorship

As a 2015 ACTE Fellow, this year has proven to be very engaging and motivating as I thrive to move up in leadership.  Being part of such a great

Finding a Balance Between the Classroom and Professional Development

Professional Development can be very tricky but is also very worthwhile.  On the one hand, everyone is very busy and does not want to miss too many

Professional Development for a Life-Long Learner

This month’s blog asked, “What have you found to be most valuable in developing professionally as a career and technical educator?”  There is

Taking Risks with Professional Development

I have had the great opportunity to participate in some wonderful professional development, particularly in the past few years. After talking with many

Deciphering the Professional Development Codes….

Do you remember when you first started to text and you were trying to decipher those codes such lol, ttyl and so many more?  Sometimes in today’s

ACTEAZ’s Fall Retreat: A Time to Connect and Take Action

ACTEAZ’s Fall Retreat is just the cure for our state. It’s the perfect time for planning, organizing, holding innovative activities and educating

Nothing Beats Robotics to Energize Learning

If I were asked what is the single best way to challenge students, while providing a fun, rigorous and relevant learning experience, I would have to say

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