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ACTE Region II Vice President
Chaney Mosley
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN
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Region II Hybrid Conference

September 24-25, 2021

All participants at the Region II Leadership Conference will be required to complete a Covid-19 waiver at the time of registration using our online form or in-person at the event location.

We are monitoring developments regarding the coronavirus or COVID-19 and preparing in the event any changes for our annual meeting are necessary or appropriate. If we decide to make any change, such as to the date or location, or to hold the meeting solely by remote communication, we will announce the change in advance and post details, including instructions on how to participate.

The annual conference hosted by the Tennessee Association for Career and Technical Education® (ACTE®) is specifically focused on the professional development for teachers and administrators of both secondary and post-secondary career and technical education programs and institutions.

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Region II IAED Webinar – post recording

The Untapped Potential of Culturally Responsive Teaching in CTE

What is culturally responsive teaching? How does it impact outcomes for students enrolled in CTE? During this session, participants will enhance their understanding of culturally responsive teaching (CRT), describe how CRT can be utilized in a CTE classroom, and receive tips, resources and recommendations to expand the use of CRT in CTE and, potentially, other subject areas. CTE educators, and administrators participating in this webinar will be given tools to recognize the benefits of fostering an inclusive environment that provides access and equity to diverse populations.

Yalanda Bell, Executive Director of Academic Programs Learning & Teaching Fulton County School System

Daniel Kelvin Bullock, Executive Director for Equity Affairs, Durham Public Schools
Julie Pack, Executive Director for CTE and Magnet Programs




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