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Calling all CTE educators, administrators, career and guidance counselors and students! ACTE is pleased to announce the theme for CTE Month 2015: Recognizing Classroom Innovators!

CTE Month® is an annual celebration held in February of CTE community members’ achievements and accomplishments nationwide. CTE Month 2015 will give the CTE community a chance to tell the stories of leadership and excellence from classrooms across the country, and raise awareness of the crucial role that CTE has in readying our nation for economic success and workforce competitiveness. CTE classrooms are modern-day laboratories, where students and educators alike are developing the skills that will power the future of college and career success.

CTE classroom innovators are hard at work in nearly every community, and this February we invite you to join us in recognizing them. Whether it’s by organizing a school visit, sending a letter to your Governor, or telling a friend what CTE means to you, start planning today to get involved this CTE month and recognize the CTE classroom innovators all around!


Celebrate National FFA Week now through Feb. 28!

One of our partner organizations, FFA, is holding their National FFA Week right now!  Join more than 7,600 FFA chapters, 610,000 members and millions of former members and supporters ready to shine in the name of FFA and agricultural education!  Click here for information on how you can get involved with FFA Week,

ACTE Celebrates CTE Month 2015 at Montgomery College  

ACTE recently held our annual school visit in partnership with Montgomery College and Montgomery County Public Schools.  This visit focused on the College’s Construction Management and Hospitality Management programs.  Speakers discussed how federal Perkins Act funding benefits these programs and how these programs make use of “2+2+2” articulation agreements with local high schools and the Universities of Shady Grove.
Following that was a panel that included educators, administrators, industry partners, and students.  Panelists spoke about the importance of spreading the word about strong CTE programs, as many high school students are unaware of them.  Attendees then toured the facilities of these two programs.  This visit provided valuable information to attendees, who included members of the federal Departments of Education and Labor and the Maryland Department of Education, about Montgomery College’s strong CTE programs and the ways these programs introduce students to compelling, rapidly chaning fields and provide them with skills that will prepare them for 21st century jobs. 
ACTE would like to thank Montgomery College, Montgomery County Public Schools, and all the presenters from other organizations for a great school visit.  For additional information, see the agenda and the PowerPoints used by presenters. If you are interested in hosting a visit to showcase your CTE programs, check out ACTE’s list of tips or school visit strategy video, or contact koshinskie@acteonline.org for more information.



Congratulations to the winners of the CTE Month 2015 PSA Video Contest:

  1. 1st place- "CTE Innovators" by Goose Creek CISD http://actete.ch/1uwhT4X
  2. 2nd place- "A Thanks to Our CTE Teachers" by Clear Brook HS http://actete.ch/1teFszO
  3. 3rd place- "Synonyms" by Indiana County Technology Center http://actete.ch/1uRDwBR

The winners of the CTE Month 2015 PSA Video Contest were selected by ACTE's Board of Directors, and initially announced at CareerTech VISION 2014 in Nashville, TN. ACTE appreciates the hard work and skill demonstrated by both the winners and all those who participated in the contest, and thanks its members and CTE students nationwide for their submissions. 

How can I get involved?

Great question! There are lots of opportunities for you and others in the CTE community to get involved with this year's CTE Month activities, including:

CTE Month for Students and Professionals

You can celebrate CTE Month with students and professionals in your community by spreading the word about the classroom innovators that have made an impact on you!

Some ways to raise awareness of CTE Month include spreading the word on social media, organizing a job shadowing opportunity for students in your school and showing your passion for CTE by purchasing CTE Month products in Shop ACTE.

Another way to get involved in future CTE Month celebrations is by participating in one of ACTE's annual contests. Check out ACTE's social media pages in February to see the winning entry for our graphic design contest!

To download the CTE Month logo, please click here. By downloading the CTE Month logo, you are expressing your understanding and adherence to the Logo Use and Restriction Agreement.

CTE Month for Public Awareness and Media Outreach  

During CTE Month, it's important to tell local media outlets and members of your community about the innovation and leadership that is going on in your CTE classrooms. To tell your story, contact any local newspapers, television reporters and radio stations to ask them to air stories in February and beyond about career and technical education. Invite them to cover any events such as proclamation signings, press conferences or career fairs.

Use this sample press release template to craft a press release detailing what your school, program, or district is doing during CTE Month that you can send out to local media contacts. You can also utilize the CTE Month logos and your school's logo in the letterhead of the press release. Another great way to publicize your CTE Month plans is by interacting with local media outlets on your social media accounts.

CTE Month Press Kit Starter
Does your program have a press kit? This is a great tool to provide VIPs (media, policymakers, state leadership, etc.) that attend an event or visit your program with quick, ready-to-use facts and figures about your program and the impact you are making in your community! Press kits typically are housed in a two-pocket folder, and contain basic information about your program, a tip sheet or some facts about CTE, a news release for an event if relevant, and a business card for the media contact or public outreach contact at your program or school. 

Folders can be printed with your programs logo, or you can simply affix a easily printable packing label. Be sure to include CTE Month materials, such as pens or notepads, in the press kit or hand them out with the kit at your CTE Month events. Below are some materials you can download to start your kit.

 What Is Career and Technical Education?

 CTE Today Fact Sheet   

 Your CTE State Profile

Learn more about getting publicity for your program.

Reaching out to Policymakers 

Encourage your elected representatives, including mayors, city managers, county executives and state governors to designate February as CTE Month in your community. We encourage you to provide your leaders with a copy of this sample proclamation in your efforts. In addition, the proclamation-signing ceremony could potentially serve as an interesting event for local media and as a photo opportunity for your school.

Learn more about establishing relationships with policymakers.

Working with Business and Industry Leaders

Communication with the business and industry communities is a crucial part of classroom innovation, and we encourage you to engage with business leaders in your area during CTE month. Here are just a couple of tips to get you started on working with businesses: 

  • Host a career fair featuring local business partners and the CTE programs they support.
  • Make a video profiling successful CTE programming alumni and where they work.
  • Ask shopping mall management to sponsor a career fair, make room for an exhibit or provide space for a “questions and answers about career and technical education” table or booth.
  • Encourage local merchants to announce the date and theme on their marquees, in-store broadcast systems, electronic signs and cash register receipts.

Previous CTE Month Success Stories

CTE Month 2015 is making the news across the country. A few of the articles are featured here:
In addition, CTE Month 2014 is catching the attention of policymakers nationwide. Learn more about how our leaders celebrated here:
Have a CTE Month story to add to the list? Send it to Kevin Oshinskie

You can download the 2015 CTE Month logo for web here. Please complete this form about your usage of the 2015 CTE Month logo and return it to Kevin Oshinskie. (Logo Use and Restriction Agreement

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