Engaging Policymakers & the Media

Engaging with Policymakers

(President Obama signs the Every Student Succeeds Act)

During CTE Month, there are several great ways to tell your CTE story and engage your elected representatives, including mayors, city managers, county executives, state legislators, governors, and Congress.

1.  Reach out to policymakers and urge them to designate February as CTE Month. Our sample proclamation will provide them with the information they need. The proclamation-signing ceremony can serve as an event for local media and a photo opportunity for your school.

2.  Invite policymakers and the media to a school or site visit to feature your CTE programs. Our school and site visit page provides tips on how to hold such an event. This visit can also feature the proclamation mentioned above.

Additionally, you may wish to

  • View our Advocacy Toolkit, which provides media and community outreach strategies, meeting with and influencing policymakers most effectively, fact sheets about various CTE sectors,  Congressional and media directories and more!
  • Sign up for ACTE’s Legislative Alerts, which provide breaking news on CTE legislation, policy and funding. ACTE’s public policy staff uses these communications to share time-sensitive calls to action (frequency is approximately 8-10 times per year).