Translate outreach materials

Translate outreach materials

March 01, 2024 | by

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Fact sheets share information quickly.

And the National Education Association has predicted that, by 2025, nearly one in four students in our classrooms will be multilingual. Students enrolled in public education in the United States speak as many as 400 languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Hmong. And while English learners (ELs) “face unique challenges, they represent a tremendous asset” for the future of high-quality career and technical education (CTE).

“In 2014–15, more than three-quarters of all ELs spoke Spanish.”

One such challenge, discussed further in the April 2023 issue of Techniques, is a lack of understanding about what CTE offers due to language barriers. Among students and their families as well. To that end, ACTE developed Spanish-translated versions of the “CTE Works!” and “What is CTE?” fact sheets. These resources provide an evidence-based overview of CTE’s impact on student achievement, education and employment outcomes, and highlights the benefits that CTE can provide for students, businesses and communities.

We encourage you to share these fact sheets with Spanish speakers in your community. And consider how translating your own program outreach materials could better serve ELs and the workforce.

Read more in Techniques in April 2023: CTE for English Learners.

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