Forklift simulators support workforce development

Virtual reality (VR) technology has made significant advancements in recent years. In particular, VR has proven useful in the field of workforce development and career and technical education (CTE). VR forklift simulators, such as the REAL-Forklift from BluWorkz, can be a powerful tool for educators who seek to prepare students for careers in logistics, supply chain and other industries that rely on forklift operation.

What are the benefits of virtual reality in CTE?

  1. The REAL-Forklift VR simulator allows students to gain hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. Traditional forklift training can be costly and time-consuming, as it requires the use of actual forklifts and a dedicated training space. With a VR simulator, students can learn the basics of forklift operation from the comfort of a computer lab or another classroom setting. Not only does this approach save time and resources, but it also eliminates the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur during in-person training.
  2. In addition to providing a safe learning environment, the REAL-Forklift also offers an engaging and interactive way for students to learn. By immersing students in a realistic 3D environment, VR technology creates a dynamic learning experience. This can help students retain information more effectively and feel more motivated to learn.
  3. Students can practice new skills at their own pace; this is another advantage. With a VR simulator, students can repeat lessons or practice specific skills as many times as they need to in order to feel confident and proficient.From a workforce development perspective, the REAL-Forklift can help schools prepare students for the demands of the modern workplace. Many logistics and manufacturing companies are now using VR technology to train their employees. And by teaching students how to use VR simulators, schools can position them for success in these types of industries. These are valuable technical skills in high demand in today’s job market.

While VR technology doesn’t replace actual forklift time, it bridges the gap.

Virtual reality simulation technology can help students become more comfortable before they operate actual equipment. Further, more youth gain an opportunity to learn, train and prepare for high-paying careers.

Really-Virtual Corporation (dba BluWorkz) is a VR simulation company based in Savannah, Georgia. They have partnered with CTE stakeholders in high schools, colleges, career centers, nonprofit organizations and correctional institutions across the country. Reach out to BluWorkz today to find out how to qualify for a lifetime software subscription with no annual fees for the REAL-Forklift VR Simulator. Because BluWorkz understands that budgets are tight. The REAL-Forklift can add value to your program and prepare the next generation of the workforce.

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