Oregon Association for Career and Technical Education Unifies with National ACTE

April 2, 2019 

Media Contact: Jarrod Nagurka
jnagurka@acteonline.org; 703-683-9312

Oregon Association for Career and Technical Education Unifies with National ACTE

Alexandria, VA – The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is pleased to announce that the Oregon Association for Career and Technical Education (Oregon ACTE) has formally unified with the national Association. Spearheaded by the leadership of Oregon ACTE President Deborah Barnes, the Oregon ACTE Board of Directors, and Oregon ACTE Executive Director Tom Goodhue, the state association is now officially unified with the national body. Both career and technical education (CTE) professionals in Oregon and ACTE’s members from across the country will benefit from this unification.

As a result of the unification, Oregon ACTE members can now simultaneously join both their state and national professional membership associations. Additionally, Oregon ACTE and its members gain access to ACTE’s extensive professional development resources, federal public policy advocacy and leadership opportunities. A variety of organizational resources and association management services, ranging from online membership processing to electronic communications tools, are also now available to Oregon ACTE. At the national level, the unification will improve ACTE’s connections with CTE stakeholders in Oregon and allow for closer collaboration on federal public policy advocacy and issue priority development.

“ACTE’s Board of Directors and I are thrilled to welcome Oregon ACTE and their members into the national family,” said ACTE Executive Director LeAnn Wilson. “By collaborating more closely, we now have the opportunity to increase access and strengthen CTE programs for learners in Oregon and across the country. We are grateful to Deborah, Tom and the entire Oregon ACTE Board of Directors for making this unification a reality.”

“Oregon ACTE is building a strong foundation, after some years of challenges, and a significant part of building that foundation is our new partnership with ACTE,” said Barnes. “Becoming a new unified state gives us additional resources for our members, enables us to have folks working alongside our board to expand our opportunities, and strengthens a key association with professionals who can work with us to share the importance of having CTE in Oregon.”


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