Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education Unifies with National ACTE

September 9, 2016

Contact: Jarrod Nagurka
703-683-9312, jnagurka@acteonline.org

Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education Unifies with National ACTE

Alexandria, VA – The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is pleased to congratulate the Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education (MO-ACTE) on its decision to formally unify with the national organization. Spearheaded by the leadership of MO-ACTE President Karen Mason and its Board of Directors, the state-based association is now officially affiliated with the national body. The move will benefit career and technical education (CTE) professionals and students throughout the state.

As a result of the unification, MO-ACTE members can now simultaneously join both their state and national professional membership associations. In doing so, MO-ACTE has secured access for its members to the national association’s extensive professional development resources, public policy advocacy and leadership opportunities. The partnership will strengthen ACTE’s ability to connect with CTE stakeholders in Missouri, and give MO-ACTE members a louder voice in the national dialogue on CTE.

“ACTE’s Board of Directors and I are excited to welcome Missouri ACTE to our national community,” said ACTE Executive Director LeAnn Wilson. “By linking Missouri’s efforts with those from dozens of other unified states and territories, we can all work together to ensure every student in Missouri and across the country is prepared for college and career success through robust and accessible CTE programs.”

MO-ACTE’s decision comes after a successful series of moves to bolster their state association, from increasing their membership to strengthening their committee structure and supporting their various divisions.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a group of educators so committed to student success that they would explore new ways to support our students, including unification with the national association,” said Mason. “This will certainly enhance the quality and professionalism of career and technical educators in Missouri for our students. Educators from all CTE fields in the state have definitely earned an ‘A+’ as we work to continue to move CTE forward in Missouri!”


About ACTE: The Association for Career and Technical Education is the nation’s largest not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE represents the community of CTE professionals, including educators, administrators, researchers, guidance counselors and others at all levels of education. ACTE is committed to excellence in providing advocacy, public awareness and access to resources, professional development and leadership opportunities.