CTSOs Engage Students: Technology Student Association Members Learn to Lead in a Technical World

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is one of the oldest membership organizations dedicated to STEM education in middle and high schools in the U.S. TSA now is 250,000+ student members strong with 100 percent likely to graduate from high school.

Member Cyra Gallano sees her term as a Colorado TSA officer as one of the most significant and meaningful experiences in high school. “TSA is a community full of amazing people — not only advisers who believe in your capabilities, but peers who motivate and inspire you to develop as a student and a leader.”

“TSA has given me the ability to show my passion for STEM and IT — and truly apply what I learn in the classroom through various events,” said Daniel Rivkin, a Colorado TSA state officer. “Without my experience in TSA, I would not know who I am as a person and where I see myself in the future after high school and after college.”READ MORE

Technology Student Association

To learn more about how CTSOs engage students in CTE, ACTE members can read the February 2019 issue of Techniques online today.