CTSOs Engage Students: FCCLA, Featuring Stephanie Zhang

Stephanie Zhang found an outlet for her drive and creativity with FCCLA. She joined a welcoming community and learned to focus her passion for design and leadership skills to pursue a future in fashion arts. As an officer she guided her peers to help them find their own passion for success. Through family and consumer sciences, and FCCLA, Zhang gained real-world skills and experience while still in high school.

Recently, Zhang earned an exclusive internship through Fashion Institute of Technology with the Swedish Fashion Council, including two Swedish fashion brands and a fashion technology company, Neue Technology. Her goal was to research and construct prototypes, to investigate the practicality of wearable tech for everyday use. READ MORE

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

FCCLA, Featuring Stephanie Zhang. Read Techniques February 2019 issue, page 32, to learn more.

To learn more about how CTSOs engage students in CTE, ACTE members can read the February 2019 issue of Techniques online today.