How to Host a School Visit or Site Visit

This CTE Month, one of the best things you can do to celebrate the accomplishments of your students is to hold a school visit or site visit. For this visit, you can invite new people – policymakers, business leaders, members of the media, or other members of your local community – to visit your programs and discover the 21st century learning that happens in CTE classrooms every day. By organizing a visit, you can raise awareness of CTE and advance public understanding of the opportunities that CTE offers for students.

Resources for members interested in holding school visits or site visits

More general resources are useful for all CTE Month events, including schools and site visits:
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If you hold a school visit or site visit, please send us any accounts, articles, or photos relating to the event and we will publicize them on our CTE Month Success Stories page. By telling ACTE about your successful visit, you allow us to give these events national publicity and advance the work that our members and staff are doing to make high-quality CTE a part of every student’s education.

Have more questions about holding a school visit or site visit? Contact Julia O’Brien at 800-826-9972.