Career and Technical Education has never been more important to building the workforce for the 21st century. As a CTE educator, you need to stay on top of your game, adjusting to new standards, trends and best practices, and you need to be able to fight for the funding your program needs. As the professional association for CTE educators, ACTE needs to add your expertise and voice – because together, we make it work!

Professional development

Our professional development events from the state to the national level fuel the growth of your knowledge, ability and craft, and we additionally provide programs for leadership development.

ACTE’s CareerTech VISION

ACTE’s CareerTech VISION draws together thousands of career and technical professionals to make new connections and explore new thinking, technologies and products to take your classroom or program to the next level.


We offer even more networking, too, between our conferences, seminars and social networks. With more than 23,000 members, it’s a massive network of colleagues you can instantly turn to for information or assistance.

Techniques, Career Tech Update

Eight times a year, the award-winning Techniques magazine arrives at your home or office, featuring articles that delve into CTE trends, case studies and teaching techniques. Members also get our daily news briefing, Career Tech Update. You can also sign up for regular newsletters on a variety of topics—leadership, online engagement, legislative advocacy and more.

Professional Recognition

And while you build your career with us, the ACTE Excellence Awards provide the kind of professional recognition that makes it all worthwhile, giving the best in CTE a chance to shine in front of their peers and be the face of CTE.


ACTE may be best known for its advocacy. We empower our members to add their voice to the throng calling for more investment in CTE classrooms at the local, state and federal levels. Our national staff also builds coalitions, conducts valuable research and spreads public awareness about CTE’s value.

Career Services, Peace of Mind, Discounts

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We offer career services through our online job bank, peace of mind through complementary common carrier AD&D insurance and discounts on all of ACTE’s products and services, available only to members.

Thousands of CTE educators are a powerful force if they work together.
With ACTE, they can.
Make a positive difference in the classroom and the field—join your voice to ours!

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