Techniques presents the Access Issue

“ACTE strives to empower educators to deliver high-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs that ensure all students are positioned for career success.”

Techniques November December 2021 (The Access Issue)

In order to provide high-quality CTE programs, we must make sure students have access. A great many students face barriers that may prevent them from accessing career and technical education. As CTE educators, we must do everything possible to remove these barriers to enable our students to accomplish real-world goals.

The Access Issue of Techniques will provide theoretical and practical knowledge. Our authors — alongside ACTE staff and the board of directors — share a passion to provide opportunities for students.

  • Access enhanced work-based learning (WBL) experiences
  • Participate in career and technical student organizations
  • Benefit from articulated credit arrangements

All students deserve access to high-quality CTE programs of study. And all students may be afforded these opportunities using innovations such as Simulated Workplace for WBL. In the last issue of Techniques, we focused on inclusion. As we strive to make our classrooms and learning environments more inclusive, we must also see to it that diverse student groups all may access career options aligned to their interests, skills and aptitudes. America is the land of dreams and opportunity. As the population of foreign-born students continues to increase, we must provide access to the American dream. ACTE is here to support you as we build a greater workforce for all.

Enjoy the Access Issue.

For a limited time, members and nonmembers alike may read the full digital issue. Further, readers may enjoy a selection of articles published in Techniques online throughout November and December. We hope to see you at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2021 — whether in person in New Orleans, Louisiana, or virtually from your work site. And one last thing! Make sure to check out the board of directors’ candidate bios; ACTE members, plan to vote for your leaders!

Together, we partner as champions of access for our students.

What does access mean to you? Let us know. Contact Lia MilgramTechniques managing editor, with questions, comments, concerns or compliments about the Access Issue.