Supplement CTE with tools for English learners

Creating effective career and technical education (CTE) programs for adult learners of English requires a significant investment. To deliver high-quality CTE programs of study that serve all students, administrators should determine learners’ needs, offer meaningful instruction, track learner progress and measure outcomes. English learners benefit from efforts to better serve their educational needs, and so will the workforce. But we also understand senior leadership can be reluctant to change.

Or they may be wary of new technology. To help you navigate conversations with stakeholders about supplementing your CTE programs with tools for English learners, consider three common talking points and how to address them.

But… we already have teachers. A technology solution isn’t better than in-person classroom teachers.

There is always room for improvement. Administrators may not always know what goes on in the classroom. So it can be hard for them to gauge an English learner’s technical and/or language proficiency and provide adequate supports. By implementing an English learning platform, English learners can participate in career-specific technical courses that lead to real-world success. In a recent report, the U.S. Department ofEducation (2019) noted that learners who took CTE courses (including manufacturing, allied healthcare, workplace safety and pharmacy tech) have higher enrollment and graduation rates — as high as 94%.

But… we have tried online training before and no one uses it. I do not want to invest in technology.

With dedicated customer support and learner onboarding managers, EnGen makes sure that every institution builds a language learning program designed for its own needs and goals. Program managers can track learner progress and performance, making it easy for faculty and students to implement and use.

But… will the students even learn English?

Effective English learning programs are adaptive and student-centered. EnGen works to improve learner outcomes. By offering career-aligned courses, EnGen gives learners the real-world English training that they need to accomplish their goals and connect with career pathways, including CTE training for high-demand jobs and advancement opportunities. Further, EnGen helps boost learner engagement and enrollment, an important metric for funding as well as diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

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