State Leaders’ Conference Calls

Here, you will find an archive of State Leader conference calls from 2010 to present!

Grassroots Advocacy
Finance and Tax Issues
Media Relations
Using the 2010 Elections for Advocacy Purposes
Common Core State Standards Initiative
National State Directors Vision Statement
New Board Orientations
Marketing to Younger Members

Reaching New Policymakers
State Policy Issues
Using Data to Promote CTE
Workforce Investment Act
Membership Marketing
Team Building
QAS and Leadership Training Program
Leadership Training Program 2011-2013 Memo of Understanding
CTE Month

Growing Young Leaders
ACTE Awards Process
Perkins Reauthorization
Common Core
2012 Elections
Open Discussion

Awards and Organization Update
August 2013: Awards Portal Tutorial
September 2013: September 2013: Media Outreach and CTE Month
October 2013: Common Core State Standards (Powerpoint)

February 2014: Awards
March 2014: Marketing Membership
The Road to Relevance: New Strategies to Grow Membership
April 2014: Conference Planning
May 2014: State Leaders Conference Call
May 2014: Powerpoint
September 2014
October 2014

January 2015
February 2015 May 2015: State Leaders Call
March 2015: Awards
March 2015: State Leaders Call

May 2015: State Leaders Call
October 2015

January 2016: CTE Month
February 2016: Leadership
March 2016: Committees That Work
April 2016: Leadership
August 2016: ACTE Update with LeAnn Wilson
September 2016: Membership and VISION Update
October 2016: Awards Program Updates with Kate Dowdy

January 2017: The New Administration
February 2017: Tick Tick Boom
March 2017: State Leaders Call
April 2017: State Leaders Webinar
August 2017: Grassroots Advocacy
September 2017: State Leaders Webinar
October 2017: State Leaders Call

January 2018: State Leaders Call
February 2018: Building Strong Partnerships
March 2018: State Leaders Call
Arpil 2018: State Leaders Call
May 2018: State Leaders Call
September 2018: State Leaders Call
October 2018: State Leaders Call


January 2019: State Leaders Call

February 2019: State Leaders Call

March 2019: State Leaders Call

April 2019: State Leaders Call

May 2019: State Leaders Call

August 2019: State Leaders Call

September 2019: State Leaders Call

October 2019: State Leaders Call


January 2020: State Leaders Call

February 2020: State Leaders Call

March 2020: State Leaders Call

April 2020: State Leaders Call

May 2020: State Leaders Call