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Resources for Lesson 1

ATTENTION: Use of nonmilitary source resources are not an endorsement by the US Department of Defense or ACTE and its subordinate agencies. Some of the information presented can change or become obsolete without notice. The resource is used solely as a history of or general description of processes found within the public domain dealing with the military services? recruiting environment. Excerpts are provided with permission of the author.

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Resources for Lesson 2


March Science Icon Suggested Reading 1
March Math Icon Suggested Reading 2
March College Icon Suggested Reading 3


ASVAB Career Exploration Program


Resources for Lesson 3


Marine Option ROTC
Air Force ROTC

The Service Academies:

United States Military Academy(Army)
Video: West Point – America’s Academy
United States Naval Academy
United States Coast Guard Academy
United States Merchant Marine Academy
United States Air Force Academy
Video: Surviving the First Year at U.S. Service Academies