Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA) Unifies with National ACTE

Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA) Unifies with National ACTE

Oct. 5, 2020

Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA) Unifies, Affiliates with National ACTE

Alexandria, VA – The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is pleased to announce that the Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA) has decided to formally unify with the national association. THOA is a Texas-based professional organization for health science career and technical educators. The move will benefit career and technical education (CTE) professionals and students throughout the state.

As a result of the unification, THOA members will now enjoy concurrent membership in their association and ACTE national professional membership associations. Through this new relationship, THOA has secured access for its members to ACTE’s robust professional development resources, federal public policy advocacy and leadership opportunities. THOA will now benefit as an organization from a variety of association management services, including online membership processing and use of new electronic communications tools. The partnership will strengthen ACTE’s ability to connect with CTE stakeholders in Texas, and give THOA members a louder voice in national policy discussions.

“ACTE’s Board of Directors and I are very excited to welcome THOA to our unified ranks” said ACTE Executive Director LeAnn Wilson. “By working closely with THOA, we’ll be able to better grow, expand and advocate for high-quality CTE in both Texas and across the nation.”

“The mission of THOA is to support health science educators. Enabling them to consistently provide a pathway for a pipeline of future healthcare providers, developing future leaders for our state and beyond. Thank you teachers for all you do.” said Jackie Uselton, executive director of THOA. “It’s our desire to help you focus on keeping your skills honed and your passion for teaching fueled by attending the health science conferences that we offer each year and expanding your professional development opportunities to the national level. Our partnership with ACTE will enhance your membership experience and give you a national voice in career and technical education.”

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