Catapult Launches ‘Masterclass’ Professional Development Initiative with Los Angeles County Community Colleges

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Catapult Launches ‘Masterclass’ Professional Development Initiative with Los Angeles County Community Colleges
New Partnership with Los Angeles Community Colleges and Association for Career and Technical Education Set to be a National Model of Excellence

LOS ANGELES, Monday, October 9, 2023 — Today, Catapult, in collaboration with the
Los Angeles Regional Consortium (LARC) and the Association for Career and Technical
Education (ACTE), announced a transformative new partnership to enhance career
readiness for students learning new and upgrading existing skills for Los Angeles
County’s dynamic economy. The initiative will address existing systemic challenges in
professional development by introducing innovative educational approaches to the
classroom, including institutionalizing proven work-based learning practices.

The project, funded through a grant awarded by ECMC Foundation, is poised to
redefine the professional learning landscape in postsecondary education. Aptly titled
“Catapulting Career Readiness for Los Angeles’ Community Colleges,” lessons learned
and new institutional practices developed will be shared across community colleges
nationwide through the partnership with ACTE.

“Catapult is uniquely positioned to redefine professional development in the field, with a
proven track record, acclaimed speakers, and successful outcome metrics. This
partnership aligns perfectly with ECMC Foundation’s strategic direction and our
commitment to empower and equip educational institutions to thrive in a rapidly evolving
world,” said Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, Founder and CEO of Catapult.

“ACTE is excited about the ability to offer this new professional development model to
help drive institutional change at community and technical colleges in Los Angeles,”
said ACTE Executive Director LeAnn Curry. “We look forward to building on the lessons
learned from this targeted effort to expand our capacity to offer intensive, high-quality
professional development to all our members across the country.”

Key elements of this groundbreaking initiative include:

  • Institution-Wide Professional Development: Over 7,000 employees at nine
    regional community colleges within LA County will benefit from this
    institution-wide professional development program. Led by the Los Angeles
    Regional Consortium, the initiative guarantees clear communication of
    expectations, securing executive leadership buy-in and participation.
  • Dynamic Catapult Masterclasses: This project introduces two, highly
    anticipated Catapult masterclasses: “Work-Based Learning” in Fall 2023 and
    “Career Readiness” in Spring 2024. These masterclasses feature an impressive
    lineup of speakers, including prominent education subject-matter experts. The
    demographic composition and vast experience of each keynote speaker reflects
    Los Angeles’ diverse and inclusive range of perspectives.

The project addresses the limitations of traditional professional development, which
often fall short in two significant ways:

  1. Lack of Transfer of Learning: Traditional professional development struggles to
    bridge the gap between theory and practice. Research shows that only 10% to
    20% of what is learned through these methods is effectively applied to job
    performance. Catapult’s masterclasses, however, offer actionable and
    applicable content tailored to the specific needs of participants.
  2. Lack of Follow-Up Support: Traditional methods often lack follow-up support,
    which is crucial for reinforcing learning and improving job performance. Catapult
    addresses this by providing customized action planning, cohort-based
    learning, and inquiry-based professional development, empowering
    employees to effectively apply what they’ve learned.

“Los Angeles community colleges are built to ensure classroom instruction is
contextualized for the in-demand skills of today’s cutting-edge careers, but as a system
of higher education, we know there is always more we can do to achieve even greater
outcomes for our students,” added Dr. Narineh Makijan, Regional Chair/Assistant Vice
President, Los Angeles Regional Consortium. “Growing the pipeline of career technical
education faculty and professional development opportunities are key goals of the
California state plan for Career Technical Education, and through this initiative, Los
Angeles community colleges look to be a model of excellence for other colleges
throughout California and the nation.”

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