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Teaching Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills Through Career and Technical Education

Education Week, 11/22/2017
The free online professional development course and tools, “Global Competence Through Career and Technical Education,” which ACTE released with the Asia Society and Advance CTE, was mentioned in an EdWeek story.

Plan Now for the ACTE Conference

Education Talk Radio, 10/12/2017
Advocacy and Public Affairs Manager Jarrod Nagurka joined talk radio host Larry Jacobs and ACTE’s Champion of the Year, Dr. Ken Wallace, to talk about VISION 2017 and the accomplishments of Illinois’ Maine Township District 207.

Schools Promote Career-Tech

District Administration, 10/11/2017
Deputy Executive Director Steve DeWitt is quoted in a story on the integration between CTE and core academic subjects.

Growing Numbers of States Embrace Career Education

Education Week, 10/4/2017
Research Manager Catherine Imperatore is quoted in a story about states’ focus on the role education plays in preparing a skilled workforce.

Capito Bill to Help Middle School Students Prepare for In-Demand Jobs Draws Bipartisan Support

The Ripon Advance, 9/18/2017
Executive Director LeAnn Wilson is quoted in a story about ACTE’s support for the bipartisan Middle STEP Act.

Maine Still Has Openings for Teachers, But Vocational Schools Look at Increasing Student Numbers

Morning Sentinel, 9/3/2017
Data from ACTE is used to illustrate the national demand for CTE.

McIntosh Student Wins Use of 3D Printer for Class for a Year

Fayette County News, 8/26/2017
ACTE’s second annual student trophy design contest and its winner receive press coverage in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

Ask Questions About High School Vocational Programs

U.S. News & World Report, 8/21/2017
Deputy Executive Director Steve DeWitt is quoted in a story outlining today’s CTE and answering questions that families may consider when a student is contemplating enrolling in CTE.

Press Coverage of ACTE Image Awards

Various Publications
ACTE’s annual Image Award winners have received press coverage, including Champion of the Year Dr. Ken Wallace who was featured in stories by the Journal OnlineBugle and The Daily Herald.

Not All Career and Technical Education Programs Are Created Equal

EdSurge, 8/1/2017
ACTE’s high-quality CTE initiative and its program of study framework were mentioned and linked to in a story on different CTE programs.

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