New Mexico ACTE Informational Socials- A Great Way to Connect!

This past year, our New Mexico Association for Career and Technical Education has hosted CTE socials on the first Wednesday of each month.  These events are hosted on zoom by NMACTE President, Jeff Waugh, and NMACTE Executive Director, Carol McAllister.  Each social starts out with announcements about upcoming professional development, available programs and opportunities as well as an update from the NM Public Education Department College & Career Readiness Bureau.  CTE professionals on the social get to give their feedback directly to the public education department and ask questions.  Feedback even includes funding concerns such as what are the costs that need to be covered that Next Gen and Perkins funding don’t address?  What’s currently working?  What isn’t working?  Should funds be reserved specifically for CTSO student costs, etc.

After the whole group discussion is finished, then each CTE professional is invited to join their respective breakout room to continue conversations or to bring up specific concerns in regards to their division.  This is a great way for CTE teachers to connect with other teachers around the state!  The feedback on the effectiveness of this model has been outstanding!   As a CTE teacher, I have never had the opportunity each month to visit with staff from the public education department.  I have truly enjoyed each month’s social and I have never been so informed on everything that is happening in education around our state.


Rachel Knight

Region IV Experienced Fellow