Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

We have all heard the saying that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I agree with this statement 100% and believe that we become what we think. Monica Brisbon_214A person’s mindset will dictate many actions and thoughts whether positive or negative. It is up to us as individual’s to choose what type of mindset we have. The key to a positive mindset is knowing how to cope with failure.

There are two types of mindsets that Dweck mentions in her book: fixed and growth. She states that a fixed mindset is about validation. Success is about proving who you are or how smart you are. Having a growth mindset is about developing yourself. Being able to know and understand that the things you want in life may not come easy. You have to work for what you want and are passionate about.

There are different areas in life that can be affected by a growth and fixed mindset. Dweck mentions parenting, business, school and relationships. These areas are very relatable to both the young and the old. While reading this book, I reflected on those four areas of my life and thought of situations in the past and present where I have had a fixed and growth mindset. I realized that situations where my fixed mindset applied, I could have done a simple act to create more favorable results. I also noticed that in situations where I used my growth mindset, I seemed to flourish and better situations came from an act or thought that produced even better situations.

We have a school wide project that focuses on the fixed and growth mindsets. I have thoroughly enjoyed mentoring students after reading and thoroughly understanding the difference in the two and how to help create a growth mindset in others. It is always good to view failure as a learning experience and criticism as advice to help make you a better person. Life is all about growth. Applying the growth mindset makes life more exciting especially seeing other people’s success as your own.