LeAnn Curry

Executive Director, ACTE®

LeAnn Curry is the executive director of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the nation’s largest not-for-profit association committed to empowering educators to deliver high-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs that position students for career success. Before taking the helm at ACTE in 2013, she served as the association’s chief financial officer, developing and implementing sound and sustainable institutional plans to increase services, products and support for America’s CTE professionals. LeAnn holds a deep appreciation for the work that CTE professionals perform every day to equip their students with the technical, academic and employability skills they will need for college and career success.

Committed to promoting high-quality CTE programs for diverse audiences, LeAnn spearheaded in concert with ACTE member leaders ACTE’s Inclusion, Access, Equity and Diversity (IAED) Mentorship Program, which pairs mentors with mentees to cultivate inclusive leadership skills and greater diversity in CTE. LeAnn’s commitment to IAED in CTE is demonstrated in her early work to spearhead the formation of ACTE’s IAED Advisory Group, which ensures IAED in CTE resources are embedded in the very fabric of the organization and in all its professional development offerings.

In her leadership role at ACTE, LeAnn has also prioritized strategies to maximize member engagement and value and increase public support for CTE students and programs. She has overseen grassroots efforts to reach out to CTE professionals state-by-state, strived to raise awareness of CTE among policymakers and the public, and regularly weighs in on public policy discussions at the national level and in regular contributions to media publications.

LeAnn has served nonprofit communities for more than 25 years in a variety of financial and leadership positions throughout her career. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland, College Park. LeAnn and her husband, Shawn, have three daughters, Kelly, Samantha and Abbi.

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