How do students in your community find our about CTE?

How do students find out about the Career and Technical Education opportunities in your community? What programs of study does your school district offer? How old are students when they find out about those programs of study? 

In order to make sure that the CTE programs of study continue to grow, students really need to know what they will learn in a pathway, as well as and where those learning opportunities will occur.

In our school district, we have several different types of school options for students to take advantage of, at all grade levels. CTE programs of study are getting ready to roll out in middle schools, but prior to that, how do high school students find out where to go to school, to learn what they want to?

Several high schools have collaborated to create presentations in the form of videos, especially this year, to let students know what their high school offers. Others have sent high school students currently in their programs of study to the feeder middle schools to physically demonstrate the skills they have learned in their CTE programs of study. Additionally, there have been high schools that invite the middle schoolers to their schools to walk through their programs and even sit in the classes while they are in session. Similar to college visits, these opportunities allow middle school students the chance to see what it is really like to attend that high school.

Introduction to CTE programs of study at a young age have proven to allow students who never knew these types of courses existed, to experience how important their education and knowledge really is. 

I look forward to the future knowing that students will be so well educated because CTE exists.