Fish! A Remarkable way to boost Morale and improve results By Stephen C. Lundin, PH.D. Harry Paul, and John Christensen

Team morale in any industry is an important part of any organization.  In the event that morale is low in an organization employees are going to be less likely to be happy at their place of employment. Fish!  provides leaders with four main concepts of the book choose your attitude, play, make their day, and be present.

Attitude is very important in any particular situation.  Individuals have to choose how they are going to approach certain situations as they arise.  In the section about choosing your attitude, there were two key points.

  1. Personal accountability and productivity
  2. Bring your best self to work
    1. Choosing to love your work.

In the section about play there were five key concepts that leaders need to keep in mind while attempting to boost morale.

  1. Happy people treat others well.
  2. Fun leads to creativity.
  3. The time passes quickly.
  4. Having a good time is healthy.
  5. Work becomes a rewards and not just a way to rewards.

The third section is titled as make their day.  This section had a focus of providing people with memories they have participated in.  For example, team members are going to remember an experience they had rather than just a simple email of gratitude.

In the fourth and final section of the book focuses on being present.  There were four main characteristics of being present.

  1. Show consideration to team members.
  2. Truly listen to others and do not allow yourself to be distracted.
    1. Do not read/answer emails while listening to others.
  3. Be engaged in your work.
  4. Take time to “smell the roses.”

Today we are in a world of multi-tasking unfortunately this does not give us the opportunity to be present with those who need us the most.  For example, when someone comes in your work space to approach you about an issue give them your undivided attention.

Overall Fish! gives leaders an opportunity to focus on four main areas of growth in order to boost morale of the team!