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  • Up to 1/3 of jobs lost to the pandemic aren’t coming back. That’s why Washington must help American workers upskill and reskill by ensuring that all learners can access high-quality CTE to prepare for the jobs of the future. What will you do to help us tackle this challenge, [Tag your representative’s/senators’ Twitter accounts here!]? #careerteched 


  • Congress has a responsibility to the American people to ensure an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and that starts with ensuring access to high-quality CTE. [Tag your representative/senators], will you pledge to support students and businesses in [Insert your state/congressional district]? They are counting on you to act. #careerteched 


  • Even prior to the pandemic, businesses faced challenges finding enough talented workers to fill their open positions. Now, executives across industries like #energy, #manufacturing and #construction describe finding skilled workers as a top concern. CTE is the solution! More federal investments will help provide a strong #workforce pipeline across industries and [Insert your state/congressional district]. #careerteched 


  • Calling all CTE educators! What could you do if Congress provided more funding for high-quality CTE? Would you begin a new program at your institution, teach a new course or serve more students? Reply below, we’ll share, and then you can pass your thoughts on to Congress with ACTE’s Action Center! #careerteched 


  • During the pandemic, students and educators at [Insert your school] banded together to create a [Insert innovative project/idea] in [Insert industry]. To continue building on ideas like these, we need Congress to step up and support more robust funding for CTE. Here in [insert your area], can we count on [insert your representative/senators’ Twitter accounts] to support CTE? Now is the time to get involved – let your Members of Congress know what you’ve been working on with ACTE’s Action Center! #careerteched 



  • Here in [Insert name of your community/school/state], CTE students have been working on [Describe project/program/skill]. They are achieving real results through hands-on learning opportunities, which are instrumental in building the skills students need on-the-job. With more support from Washington, including from [Tag your representative/senators’ Facebook accounts], we could expand our program to more students and equip them to succeed in rapidly-growing industries like healthcare, technology, and transportation and logistics, just to name a few! Join me in sharing below the impact you could make on countless lives with more federal funding! 


  • CTE stands ready to help workers step into living-wage, in-demand career fields to meet our future workforce needs. Right here in [Insert name of your community/state][Insert name of your institution] is providing [Insert number of students] with training across [List examples of programs and courses you offer]. When industries look to fill open positions, CTE is entrusted to provide learners with the tools for success. We need our elected representatives like [Tag your representative’s/senators’ Facebook accounts] to take a stand for American workers and help us develop a talented next-generation workforce at home in [Insert name of your state/town/community]. 



  • [Insert picture of students/school/project] Hi [Tag Senator/Representative] ! Students at [Insert your school/institution name] are working on [Describe project/course/goal]. Think this is cool? We can create even more innovative, hands-on projects if Congress pledges to support more funding for CTE! #careerteched 


  • [Insert picture of students/educator] Meet [Insert name], a [Identify as a student/teacher/etc.] at [Insert your school/institution name][Share a quote from the person about their experience with CTE][Tag your Representative/Senator], how will you help others  like [Insert name] [obtain or teach] the skills students need to pursue an in-demand career in a field they love? It’s all possible with CTE! #careerteched