State Peer Mentoring

State Peer Mentoring and Networking Resources

One of the ways ACTE supports its state associations is by providing a network that allows state leaders to share their own and utilize other state association’s strengths and areas of expertise to address particular issues they are facing in their states. Below is a listing of states and their particular areas of expertise. Thank you to all of the state’s below who have volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with other state leaders! If you have any questions or need additional assistance ACTE is always here to help; please contact Kelli Diemer.

Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
Association Governance
Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Washington
Association Legal Issues
Georgia, Maine
Awards programs
Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Utah
Board Evaluation
Georgia, Maine, Washington
Board of Directions Meeting Formats
Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington
Board Orientation and Training
Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Washington
Budget Development
Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington
Bylaws Development
Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington
Chapter Relations
Illinois, Maine, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington
Committee Management
Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington
Contract negotiation
Florida, Georgia, Maine
Financial Planning
Georgia, Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont
Nevada, Wyoming
Governing Document Development
Georgia, Maine, Vermont, Washington
Human Resource Management
Idaho, Indiana, Vermont
Information Management Systems
Leadership Development
Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
Georgia, North Dakota, Washington
Media Relations
Georgia, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington
Media Relations/Public Relations
Georgia, Vermont
Meetings Management
Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, Washington
Member Communications
Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington
Member Services
Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington
Membership Promotion
Georgia, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington
Membership Retention
Georgia, Vermont, Washington
Office Technology
Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, Vermont
Outreach and Partnership Activities
Georgia, Indiana, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming
Program Development
Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wyoming
Public Policy
Florida, Georgia, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
Publications Development
Social Networking Tools
Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Washington
Staff Development
Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wyoming
Strategic Planning
Idaho, New York, Vermont, Washington
Survey development
Tax Issues
Vendor RFP development and selection
Web site Development
Web site maintenance


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