CTE Learn Users Conference fueled online learning success

On Sept. 17, ACTE invited key stakeholders — affiliated networks, their board and professional development committee members — to join us for the CTE Learn Users Conference. This special event was designed to help fuel the success of state’s online learning portals. We had a terrific line-up of presenters including:

  • Patrick Biggerstaff from the Area 31 Career and Technology Center (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Richard Jones from the New York CTE Assistance Center
  • Debbie Nelson of Colorado, ACTE
  • Doug Bush representing Michigan ACTE
  • Amir Moghadam, Gary Meers and Tarlon Moghadam from MaxKnowledge
  • Robert Starks of CareerPrepped
  • And from ACTE: Lauren Lessels, governance manager; Catherine Imperatore, research manager; Julia O’Brien, senior director of communications; and Michael Connet.


To view the recording, visit CTE Learn.

With questions, please email Lauren Fillebrown.