CTSOs Engage Students: HOSA Inspires Skilled, Competent, Qualified Advocates

HOSA–Future Health Professionals is not just a club or organization, rather a valuable instructional tool for empowering health science students to play an active role in their learning. HOSA emphasizes values essential for students to be successful in the real world, namely excellence, teamwork and care.

HOSA offers more than 60 competitive events across health science, health professions, emergency preparedness, leadership, teamwork and recognition. All competitions encourage engagement with current and standard health practices. Competitions deepen opportunities for hands-on experience engaging members in the health community, as competitors are encouraged to connect with health professionals in preparation. READ MORE

HOSA–Future Health Professionals

To learn more about how CTSOs engage students in CTE, ACTE members can read the February 2019 issue of Techniques online today.